Artificial Intelligence Made Simpler

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The world is preparing itself for another revolution in the field of technology. The revolution of Artificial Intelligence; it is not only impacting our daily routines but also business and other spheres of work in the present civilization.

Artificial Intelligence is progressively growing. From Siri to  ai robots with human-like features, we are surrounded by AI devices. They make our life easier and less complicated.

Read further and enrich your grey matters about the uniqueness of Artificial Intelligence from the experts’ mouth.

Artificial Intelligence made simpler with Anand Mahurkar, Managing Director, Findability Sciences.

                                                                                                                          Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Simply put, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems. It can perform tasks such as identifying various patterns in the data more efficiently than humans, enabling businesses to gain more insight out of their data. Most companies have started to leverage AI to meet customer demands and expectations.

At Findability Sciences, we prefer to call AI as Augmented Intelligence and not Artificial! Through our technology, we collect massive data from various sources and deploy self-learning/machine learning algorithms to provide greater insights for businesses, which they can use while taking critical business decisions.

How and when can we expect conscious Artificial Intelligence come to life?

In the evolution of AI, we have come to a level of machines possibly matching human intelligence by processing a massive amount of information. All in the field of AI are currently busy in working on simulating or replicating human intelligence.

But conscious AI may take some time to come to life because a self-conscious machine needs a physical body to react to external stimuli, ability to understand natural language and to create reasoning. AI companies have already achieved first two things. For example, at Findability Sciences we have a predictive algorithm, which can react to the change in the variables like weather and by predicting its impact. We also have solutions whereby our customers can communicate with the system in the natural language. But the third thing of ability for machines to reason may take some time!

The journey of Findability sciences and Artificial Intelligence?

Findability Science was founded in 2010 in the Boston area. Findability platform is our proprietary solution that combines the power Big Data and Cognitive computing. It integrates internal structured and unstructured data (from previously siloed databases and documents repositories), along with data from social media and data found online, to help leadership see a complete picture of its business, products, customers and employees.

Early 2016, we invested in a Boston based software company, Soft10 Inc. Soft10 is the developer of Automated Predictive Analytics the only automatic statistical software in the world that helps business professionals meet today’s Big Data Predictive-Analytic challenges. Self-learning technology in the solution brings the power of predictive modelling into the hands of every company.

Our recent JV and partnership with one of the world’s leading technology company, SoftBank adds a new dimension to our capability to continue our innovations in AI.

How does Findability connect healthcare industry and AI?

AI promises, to change our lives in profound ways and we are just beginning to experience, it (AI) can be used for clinical decision support, fraud detection, patient monitoring, surgery and much more.

In one of our implementation for a hospital by cognitive analysis of the self-authored text by patients, we create personas of each patient and caregiver. And the personas developed by machine are then used to allocate caregivers to patients.

In which way would you want your AI friend to serve you?

Probably making chores in my home in the United States, where we don’t get much domestic help!

Your take on Gaurav Gupta’s cognitive sari gown.

Vogue decided to get together IBM’s cognitive system, Watson, and Gaurav Gupta to create world’s first ever artificial intelligence-inspired sari-gown.Findability Sciences was the only partner selected from IBM partner ecosystem to find dominant patterns and colours from the regions the award winners hail from. The findings were finally shared with Gaurav Gupta to work his magic on.Using our findability platform, we conducted a detailed study on each awardee through their social media handles and mapped it against seven traits – effectiveness in organizing thoughts, open-mindedness and originality, confidence and problem solving, action orientation, conscientiousness, openness to possibilities and alternatives and social energy. Each of these traits was then mapped to a colour most associated with award winners.

Few words on your recent association with SoftBank.

Japan’s SoftBank Corp and Findability Sciences Inc have formed a joint venture (JV) to offer a proprietary software product developed by Findability Sciences. The product is known as the Findability Platform and will be marketed in the Japanese market by the JV. SoftBank has made a strategic investment of approximately USD 7.4 million with the aim of strengthening its offerings in the growing field of big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. SoftBank holds a controlling 51 percent stake in the joint venture, with Findability Sciences owning the 49 percent balance.

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