Why you should care about the Internet of Things?

Column by Anil Chopra

All the ingredients to make IoT a reality have been around for years. Now, their permutations and combinations are being put together to create tons of smart devices


So long XP! How can Microsoft recreate the magic?

Feature by S Aadeetya

From this month onwards, the company has decided to cease security support for the popular operating system.


First Impression: HTC One M8 smartphone

Analysis by S Aadeetya

The phone sports an all-metal body comes with LTE support in India but same camera.


Mobility Will Fuel All Other Trends This Year

Column by Anil Chopra

The increasing penetration of mobile devices in the workplace is impacting all other technology trends, so organizations have to figure out how to embrace it


Calculating RoI on Information Security Solutions

Column by Anil Chopra

Security solutions and their RoI also vary for different organizations, so there’s no single formula to evaluate it, which makes the task even more difficult


What e-Commerce Companies Should Do to Thrive in 2014?

Column by Anil Chopra

When you purchase online, all processes related to sales and marketing are nearly perfect, but the trouble starts if something goes wrong in the process. That's when you see the real face of the company and its quality of service


BYOD: How to Go With the Flow

Column by Anil Chopra

For best results, identify a business process to automate and see how BYOD can bring more value to it.


BYOD Solutions for your Mobile

Feature by S Aadeetya

Enterprise-based mobility solutions may not be the most popular outlet for mobile vendors such as Samsung and HTC among others but the fact that they offer mobility-centric Bring your own device (BYOD) services mean they foresee the future of mobility playing a prominent feature in BYOD

Anil Chopra

A 10-Point Guide to Big Data

Column by Anil Chopra

Getting confused about Big Data and how it can help your organization? Then here's a simple, 10 point guide that cuts through all the hype surrounding the technology.


In Love With the Kindle Paperwhite

Column by Prasanto K Roy is editorial advisor, CyberMedia

In the smartphone-tablet explosion, India totally missed the e-book reader. Yet for serious readers, there's nothing to beat a good e-book reader.


From $77 Billion to $5 Billion --Where It All Went Wrong for BlackBerry?

Analysis by S Aadeetya

The company has been under the scrutiny of industry for quite some time now and comes as no surprise that the company is looking to get things back in order.


Conquering the Last Frontier of Mobile Devices—The Battery

Column by Anil Chopra

Battery life is the bane of most mobile devices, and a lot of work is happening around using solar energy to keep them charged.


Unboxing Videocon A55 HD

Feature by S Aadeetya

We take a close at what all comes with Videocon's first quad-core smartphone.


Mega Datacenters Lead the Way in IT Infrastructure Innovation and Efficiency

Column by Rob Ober

Mega datacenters have grown exponentially in a very short time to account for about 25% of the global server market. We discuss two recent initiatives that seek to bring MDC architectures, cost and management efficiencies to the enterprise market


10 Things to Ensure BYOD Never Compromises Your Data Security

Column by Sunil Chavan

A checklist on things to consider when building a private enterprise file synchronization and sharing solution


The Snoopy FAQ on PRISM and India!

Column by Prasanto K Roy

India’s going ahead with its own ‘PRISM’ - the Central Monitoring System


The Charge of the Speed Brigade

Column by Prasanto Kumar Roy

Your smartphone charges for hours each day. Capacitors, in external packs or inside the phone, could bring that down to minutes

Anil Chopra

Of Quad Core Smartphones and Mobile Convergence

Column by Anil Chopra

Moving forward, we’re likely to see a lot of wearable computing products enter the market, which would push data to smartphones, use their Internet connection, etc.


Obituary: "Atul: I will miss you dearly." -- Vinod Unny, Consulting Editor, PCQuest

News by Vinod Unny · 2 Comments

A condolence sounds too little to give in return for all the times he’s been there for me and I really wish I could have met him as he too wished in a heartfelt message to me just a couple of days earlier.

Atul Chitnis Obituary

You are not remembered for doing what is expected of you: Atul Chitnis (1962-2013)

News by Prasanto Kumar Roy · 3 Comments

This morning, Atul Chitnis lost his year-long fight with advanced intestinal cancer that had also affected his liver. What can I say about a tech superguru, fellow Floyd fan, a close friend for two decades?

Atul Chitnis Obituary

Obituary: "My friend Atul is no more." - Krishna Kumar, Ex-Editor, PCQuest

News by Krishna Kumar · 2 Comments

Atul was Consulting Editor for PCQuest for the longest period of time. But to us, a bunch of rookie kids who joined PCQuest as writers and to a whole legion of PCQ readers, Atul was the real PCQ.


Social Media: The Freedom of Speech

Column by Prasanto K Roy

“If it failed? Well. We would have started again. If one revolution fails, try another.”


Which OS for your Mobile Devices?

Column by Anil Chopra

Leading tech experts still see iOS as the dominant choice for consumers and developers alike, and BlackBerry for enterprises. Android and Windows 8 are seen as the second preference

Blurring the Tablet-Laptop Lines

News by Prasanto K Roy

Survey Box

Now that Microsoft has finally discontinued support for Windows XP, which OS are you likely to upgrade to?

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