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15 essential Open source Tools for Windows Admins

January 11, 2017

Here are some best tools those can help the Windows admin in day to day network troubleshooting, backup, analysis, software and communications protocol development, and education. 1: Wireshark Wireshark is used for network ...

6 Best Free SEO Tools for Startups

December 8, 2016

You can use these tools for enhancing your strategies until you garner enough revenue to move on to bigger and better tools. Here is a list of the best free ...

5 Open Source Mobile Development Tools for Developers

October 12, 2016

Today every developer is familiar with the benefits of open source code and coding tools. Here is  a list of  few open source mobile development tools for developers... AML : ...

5 Open Source Security Tools to secure your system and networks

July 26, 2016

There are hundreds of open source security tools, with both defensive and offensive security capabilities. The following are essential security tools that will help you to secure your systems and networks. 1.OSSEC ...

Pokemon Go_augumented reality

Here’s How You Can Download Pokemon Go in India

July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go is a first augmented reality app for Apple and Android devices created by Nintendo (Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company). It has been gaining widespread popularity and ...

5 Useful Project Management Software

July 5, 2016

Various startups and SMEs find managing their projects a bit difficult due to lack of tech usage. The Internet space is filled with numerous project management software / tools, which ...


5 Essential Security and Backup Tools for Admin

July 5, 2016

Whether you are looking for a tool for networking troubleshooting, or for security and performance analysis, there are various open source tools available, just you need to identify the useful ...

13 Open Source Big Data Databases Tools

July 1, 2016

The database and data warehouse are one of the essential software components in the enterprise. Traditional database systems are not efficient to handle large volumes of users and they are mainly ...

Ecommerce wordpress theme

13 Free WordPress Ecommerce Themes To Start Your Business Online

June 28, 2016

Here we have picked up some best but free ecommerce WordPress themes which help you to run your business with style and functionality. All this WordPress ecommerce themes ...

5 Enterprise Architecture Tools

June 27, 2016

We have evaluated some of the useful and open source modelling tool to create ArchiMate models and sketches that are used by hundreds of Enterprise Architects throughout the world. 1.Iteraplan Iteraplan is ...

5 Useful Open Source Testing Tools for Agile Testers

June 27, 2016

Are you a technical tester in the agile project? Various new platforms are being developed every day, and testers are providing sharing their inputs with the developers to improve the functionalities ...

Bug Tracking Tools

10 Bug Tracking, Feedback and Monitoring Tools

June 20, 2016

No need to manually track or identify bugs in your software, this can be done automatically using the right bug tracking tool. There are plenty of tools available and today ...


ReactOS- An Open Source Windows Replacement

June 14, 2016

Imagine running your favorite Windows applications and drivers in an open-source environment you can trust. That's ReactOS. Not just an Open but also a Free operating system. ReactOS is an open-source ...

6 Open Source Operating Systems for the Internet of Things (IoT)

May 31, 2016

Whether you are small to large enterprises, IoT is one of the useful technology that can help you to be connected on-the-go. And to utilise this at fullest you require ...

7 Open Source ERP Software For Your Business

May 20, 2016

Here are some free open source ERP (Enterprise resource planning ) tools to manage your business more helpful and integrated... 1. iDempiere iDempiere is a full-fledged ERP, with everything from invoicing to ...

SEO Tools

6 Free SEO Tools to Manage Your Website Effectively

May 16, 2016

Are you struggling to attract traffic to your website? You are updating your content regularly, but not getting enough traction, it means might your website is not SEO optimized. Here ...

4  Free Website Builders

May 10, 2016

1.WordPress This is one of the most popular CMS platforms around, with a large number of plug-ins to enhance functionality. You can create pretty much any kind of website using WordPress.

10 Open source tools to accelerate your cloud infrastructure

April 29, 2016

V OneCloud 1.6: It is an OpenNebula distribution optimized to work on existing VMware vCenter deployments. It deploys an enterprise-ready OpenNebula cloud just in a few minutes where the infrastructure is ...

travelling apps

Shifting to a new city..Try these apps to make your shift easy and smooth

March 11, 2016

Shifting to a new place? There's a lot of work you need to do around the house, and you probably don't know local contractors who are trustworthy and efficient. Luckily, ...


10 Open-source eCommerce platforms

February 29, 2016

Building an eCommerce platform for businesses has become easier over the years. Through this article, we talk about 10 free eCommerce tools you can use to build one Open-source eCommerce platforms ...