Other Products

HP SureStore AutoBackup

September 6, 2000

An innovative device that backs up Windows clients on your network and does disaster recovery too

Microsoft Windows ME RTM

September 5, 2000

The latest version of Win 9x has better system recovery options, support for latest devices, and additional utilities

Asus P3V4X Motherboard

September 4, 2000

An average performer with a rich set of features

Opera 4

September 4, 2000

A tiny Web browser with lots of features 

Asus CUV4X Motherboard

September 4, 2000

A feature-rich motherboard, but you need older chipset drivers to improve its performance

HP’s Color Laser Printer

September 4, 2000

This printer gave good quality printouts, matching its rated specs

Athlon or PIII?

September 4, 2000

Price and availability become important deciding factors, as both processors perform equally well in our tests 

ZyXEL Omni 56 K

July 31, 2000

A plug-n-play external modem with good connects but at a price

Seagate Barracuda ATA II

July 31, 2000

This drive performs well for routine uses and comes at an attractive price

eScan 1 for Windows

July 31, 2000

Daily virus definition updates, scans archives and mail databases apart from files and e-mail

Asus AGP V7700

July 31, 2000

Built around the latest GeForce2 GTS GPU, this card pumps up graphics and gaming performance

ACE 56 K Modem

July 31, 2000

An external plug-n-play modem with good connects and throughput

Ace 56 K Internal Modem

July 31, 2000

A well-priced modem that gives good connectivity

Quantum Atlas V

July 31, 2000

An 18.3 GB Ultra SCSI drive with fast transfer rates

How to buy a UPS

July 7, 2000

Don’t go by what the vendor says…

Do I upgrade my PC?

July 7, 2000

There’s still a lot of life in your old PC. Upgrading a few components can give it a big performance boost.

Choosing a Workgroup Printer

July 7, 2000

Besides price, you need to look at speed, RAM, and cost of consumables and accessories.

Choosing your Dream PC

July 7, 2000

The latest and fastest processor doesn’t alone deliver the best performance.

Which modem should you buy?

July 7, 2000

Test the modem on the line you plan to use it, before accepting it.

Which ISP?

July 7, 2000

Choose an ISP based on the package, price, and connectivity speeds, but check out a test account first.