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ViPiNet Router

by December 31, 2000

A compact router for Internet connections, VPNs, and many other configurations

LG Flatron 776FM

by December 31, 2000

A 17” flat-screen monitor with a rich-set of features and good performance, but at a hefty price

A Lie Detector in your Pocket

by December 31, 2000

This portable lie detector analyzes your voice to determine whether you’re telling the truth

Publish your Database on the Web

by December 31, 2000

Set up PHP for publishing your MySQL database on the Web

Resources and Event Loops

by December 31, 2000

A look at a complex application and its program structure

Keyboard from Bravish

by December 31, 2000

This attractive keyboard is soft and flexible

The QoS Factor

by December 31, 2000

IT vendors should not give-in to the absurd demands of customers

XFCT from Xtrend

by December 31, 2000

A hardware box that routes calls between an Ericsson cellphone and EPABX

Umax AstraNET iA101

by December 31, 2000

An intelligent Internet-ready scanner

by December 31, 2000

Create flashy Web pages quickly using pre-designed templates


by December 31, 2000

A storage device for storing your confidential data

Ericsson’s Hands-free MP3 Player

by December 31, 2000

An MP3 player and a mobile phone rolled into one

Epson Stylus Pro 7000

by December 31, 2000

A large-format printer for printing banners, posters, and more

Epson Stylus Color 880

by December 31, 2000

This photo-quality printer, prints at the highest resolution seen so far

Compaq Presario 7000

by December 31, 2000

A desktop PC with an impressive configuration and good performance, but at a steep price

Time to take stock

by December 31, 2000

The most-important plan for the coming year is a complete redesign of your favorite magazine

Ulead VideoStudio 4

by December 11, 2000

An easy-to-use software that lets you capture and edit video; add titles, cool effects, and sound; and send it by mail or in an e-greeting

Gobe Productive 2

by December 6, 2000

An easy-to-use, feature-rich Office suite for BeOS

Power Linux

by December 6, 2000

Linux is no longer a stranger to people, and if you haven’t actually used it, you would have at least read about it in national and international media.Since 1995, it’s ...

A Matter of Style

by December 3, 2000

Changes in technology are helping the PC acquire a classier look