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During the cricket season, people often bunk offices to watch cricket battles on TV at home. You can have fewer people taking off if you let them watch live matches on their desktops. In this article, we will talk about how you can stream a TV channel on your network.


Adding video and audio sources on unreal live source

To set up a TV streaming server, you need a TV tuner card, a sound card (an on-board card will also do) and a streaming server that will take inputs from a TV tuner/capture and sound card and then encode the output as streaming video. Some free streaming servers for Windows are VedioLAN, Windows Media Encoder and Unreal Media Server. We used Unreal Media Server, which is easy to set up. You will also find it on our this month's PCQ Essential CD. This streaming server can run on Win XP/2000/ 2003. 

Unreal Media Server has two components: Live Source Server to capture video and audio from the TV tuner and sound cards, and Unreal Media Server to stream the video channels on the network. For the clients there is a component called Unreal Streaming Media Player. All components are part of the Unreal Media Server package.

Install streaming software
Install the TV tuner and sound cards and their drives on your system. Then copy the streaming software from this month's CD ( to your desktop. After unzipping this file, you will get three other .zip files (, and Unzip each in a separate folder and run the .exe file from each folder to install the software. 

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