Help Me! 5 Mobile Apps For Emergency & Disaster Situations

In light of the increased awareness about the safety of women in the country, here are 5 mobile apps that can help you take immediate action if you are feeling threatened on the streets....

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1) Circle of 6

Platforms: iOS,Android

This is a very simple and useful app that allows you to add 6 of your closest friends, and send notifications to them if you are in need of help. With just a two-touch sequence, you can send all of the 6 friends an SMS saying that you need help, along with a map that automatically geo locates where you are. You can also send SMSs that indicate you need to receive a call to interrupt an uncomfortable situation, or to notify friends that you are fine at the moment. This can be a critical app in India, when people in danger can request help with minimal effort.

2) One Touch SOS

Platform: Android, Windows Phone, Java-enabled devices

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naveen aggarwal 3 March 2014 at 12:37 PM Reply

is spice smart flo 349 a reliable smart phone with 2g dual sim and flash camera and 8.89cm touch

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