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Exactly a year after he was arrested on copyright infringement charges, controversial internet millionaire Kim Dotcom launched MEGA, a cloud service with a unique privacy model that puts the power of decryption in the hands of users. Unlike other cloud services, MEGA servers do not store the decryption keys for content, instead storing it on the client's end so that only they can decrypt the files they upload on the website. Called as UCE(User Controlled Encryption), the key required to decrypt files will be stored in the internet browser of the user, and Kim Dotcom believes this will prevent governments and other corporates from snooping into user data which is private to the user. MEGA proudly quotes “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference” from the universal declaration of human rights as the guiding principle behind this service. The security model used also provides protection to Kim Dotcom and his staff, as the main charge of copyright infringement against him regarding MegaUpload revolved around the company's knowledge of copyright material being hosted on the website. However, the US government will be keeping an eye on the service as they are waiting to extradite Kim Dotcom to the US for prosecution. However, given that the servers are based in New Zealand and since the service providers have no knowledge of the content being hosted, it will be interesting to see how MEGA can be incriminated without any evidence even if the servers are being used to share copyright material. At a press conference on sunday, Kim Dotcom revealed that more than 500,000 users had signed up in the first 14 hours. However, the heavy rush of new users has put a strain on the servers, causing a major slowdown of the servers. You can create your own account at: https://mega.co.nz/ and get 50GB of private cloud storage for free!

What do you think about this cloud storage offering? Do you think this privacy model will protect users better than before? Let us know your thoughts below!
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