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Business Octane, a player in enterprise collaboration maximizer solutions announced the launch of its CollaboratorPOWERMAX. The collaboration solution creates a face-to-face meeting experience for participants across distances, to empower enterprises to dramatically accelerate business collaboration.

CollaboratorPOWERMAX offers high definition studio quality video and stereo spatial audio, together with near actual physical sizing and natural eye contact to create a truly immersive telepresence experience. Meeting participants, from any location, can easily share their content: desktops, documents and whiteboard, at anytime, during the meeting. Touch Panel Control allows for extremely simple control of all the functionality of the suite to empower the users with maximum control in conferences.

This solution offers enterprises a new way to meet colleagues, clients, partners and suppliers worldwide, without the need to travel. The suites seamlessly inter-operate with Business Octane's entire collaboration and learner solutions portfolio and other standards compliant teleconferencing systems. Users can, in a single call, also establish a multiple location simultaneous collaboration with up to 80 Business Octane's Suites.

CollaboratorPOWERMAX is available in three seating capacities: 2/4, 4/8 and 6/6. In the seating capacities, initial numerals - 2, 4 and 6- demonstrate the teleporting capacity, whereas, the succeeding numerals -4, 8 and 6- demonstrate the capacity for local meetings and audio teleconferences, respectively.  These suites are fully integrated solutions that include the entire furniture and interiors that have been natively embedded with complete networking, lighting, electrical, audio and visual, conferencing and control systems.

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