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HP Elitebook 8540w

There are two variants of Elitebook 8540w: one with Intel core i5 and other with Intel Core i7. The one we received in this shootout came with Intel core i7 M720@2.67GHz. When it comes to look and feel, this one was amongst the most professional looking notebooks with aluminum finish and a sturdy feel. One feature that is not so common these days and is present in this notebook is the presence of light (NightLight) next to webcam for working in low light conditions. The 8540w comes with spill-resistant keyboard with numeric keypad and drain, plus sports a pointer stick. The presence of USB 3.0 is another important addition to 8540w, which means this notebook can leverage USB 3.0 option present in latest USB based devices. Similar to Fujitsu Lifebook S710 this too is loaded with many security features like integrated smart card reader, fingerprint scanner, TPM chip etc. When we add up price, performance, and feature results, the 8540w comes out to be winner with best performance and price when compared with other two notebooks in this category.


Price Rs. 1,13,800
Specs : Intel core i7 M720@2.67GHz, 3 Kg, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, NVIDIA Quadro FX 880M, 15.6 inch LED Display
Contact: HP India
Phone: 1-800-425-4999
Email: NA
SMS Buy 130827 to 56677

Verdict: A great performer at the least price with with some top-notch features.

Apple MacBook Pro 15

This notebook comes with a unibody design which means it has been carved out of a single block of aluminum that in turn is responsible for sturdiness of this device. Other eye catching external features include LED backlighting which not only improves battery life but also is brighter than LCD used in most other notebboks. Illuminant keyboard for working in dim light and multi touch track pad are few of the standard design features we associate with Mac series of notebooks. When compared with its predecessor, new MacBook Pro 15 comes with Intel Core i5 processor and has both integrated and discrete graphics. One interesting feature to enhance performance and battery life of this notebook is the ability to automatically switch between integrated Intel's HD graphics and discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT330M graphics. However, when compared on price/performance/feature front with other two notebooks in ultra high end category MacBook Pro15 lags behind. But there is a huge brand value associated with Apple products which is a major factor for buying it, especially in this category.

Price 1,09,900
Specs: Intel Core i5 M520@2.40Ghz, 2.9 Kg, 4 RAM, 320 GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GT330M , 15.4 inch LED Display
Contact:  Apple India
Phone: 1800-425-4646
Email: indiasales@mac.com
SMS Buy 130821 to 56677

Verdict: A smartly designed performer at the given price.

Fujitsu S710

Though priced more than 90k, it is as good looking as the other two in this category, but all the money you pay is for its performance. When we drilled deep and tried to find out what were factors that made S710 perform so high, it was the presence of the latest Intel core i7 M620@2.67GHz processor coupled with SSD HDD and all necessary connectivity options like eSATA. The build material of S710 comprises of aluminum and plastic, though keypad is nothing special to work with. Other feature that makes this notebook a bit different from others is a modular optical drive and an IBM Thinkpad like trackpoint. If you are concerned about security of your data, then S710 is loaded with lots of security features, like Computrace enabled BIOS for tracking your notebook in case of theft or loss, fingerprint reader, integrated smart card slot, and TPM module. When compared against other two notebooks in this segment, S710 scores highest in features while performance is comparable with the winner of this group i.e Elitebook 8540w. However, at this price tag, discrete graphics is one option that we think should have been included.

Price Rs 90,900
Specs: Intel core i7 M620@2.67GHz, 2.7 Kg, 4 GB RAM, 160 GB SSD HDD, Intel Graphic Media Accelerator HD, 14 inch Display
Contact: Fujitsu India
Phone: 91-984 532 5527
Email: jayanthi.s@ts.fujitsu.com
SMS Buy 130823 to 56677

Verdict: Competitively priced with necessary features and good performance.

Asus G51J

In the first quarter of this year Acer launched its 3D laptop in India (Acer Aspire 5738DG reviewed in March 2010) keeping in mind worldwide interest in 3D products. The Asus G51J is also a 3D notebook though the major difference in Asus G51J is that we need to use NVIDIA 3D vision kit (included) while Acer had built in 3D capability. This also means that while carrying around G51J is cumbersome given its weight is already at 4.2 Kg, you can use NVIDIA 3D vision with other 120 Hz display units. As this machine is targeted at gamers, G51J comes with a designer lid integrated with interactive lights and illuminated chicklet keyboard that would let you work even in dark. On performance front this one has the best graphical performance when compared with all the other notebooks we received thanks to NVIDIA GeForce GTX260M discrete graphics and Core i7 processor, but battery backup as expected with most of the gaming machines, was very low. Overall, a high priced desktop replacement targeted towards gamers.


Price Rs. 1,09,999
Specs: Intel Core i7 Q720@1.6GHz, 4.2 Kg, 4 GB RAM, 640 GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX260M, 15.6 inch display
Contact: Asus India
Phone: 1-800-209-0365
Email: helpline_west@asus.com
SMS Buy 130824 to 56677

Verdict: The notebook is well-balanced on both price and performance.

Dell Alienware M11x

Alienware is the premium gaming notebook segment of Dell, and the feature that stands out in this unit is its size. The first look at this notebook would make you wonder if someone has shrunk its predecessor (M15x/M17x). This one too like M15x/M17x comes with LED light effects, colors of which can be changed to suit your mood, or just set to auto change using the software. The silver finish of the M11x is not glossy, which makes it easier to keep clean for a longer duration. Other design feature that cannot be missed is the presence of air vents on the rear left side; this is quite useful since the gaming sessions dissipate a lot of heat. This notebook seems to be built for people who want to enjoy high end games while on the move, and to achieve this very thing there is balancing done by using low power consuming processor. The unit that we received for review came with ultra voltage processor Intel CPU U7300@1.3GHz  to enhance power backup; in fact this unit was able to give a power backup of about 4 hours at peak performance which is huge considering it to be a gaming notebook.

Price Rs. 85000
Specs: Intel CPU U7300@1.3GHz, 2.5Kg, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GT335M, 10.6 inch LED Display
Contact: Dell India, Bangalore
Phone: 1800 425 4026
Email: minari_shah@dell.com
SMS Buy 130825 to 56677

Verdict: A true performer which also stylish.

Fujitsu T900

This was the only tablet that we received and that is why this is also the most expensive of the lot. External design features that stand out in this unit include: a lock to secure position of screen when in tablet mode along with all the necessary buttons near screen for easy access while in tablet mode.

Other feature that stands out in this unit is an ambient light sensor that lets you work even in dim light as it adjusts brightness of LED display according to surrounding light and a multi-touch screen that gives the capability to operate on the touch-screen with more than one finger at the same time.

Price Rs 1,29,990
Specs: Intel core i7 M620@2.67GHz, 2.8 Kg, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, Intel Graphic Media Accelerator HD, 13.3 inch LED Touch screen
Contact:  Fujitsu India
Phone: 984 532 5527
Email: jayanthi.s@ts.fujitsu.com
SMS Buy 130831 to 56677

There were lots of features present in T900 that were common to other Fujitsu unit we received in this issue i.e. modular optical drive and security features like Computrace enabled BIOS for tracking your notebook in case of theft or loss, fingerprint reader, integrated smart card slot, and a TPM module. The test results showing the performance of T900 were not as impressive as the notebooks.

Verdict: A feature rich performer that comes at a decent cost.

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