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67 80
Feature Performance
Price: Rs 8750

After the Nforce4-A939, lets move up the chain a bit(in terms of price) with this elegantly packed KN1 Extreme. The layout is typical ECS with a nice expansive design and neatly placed connectors. Being a non-SLI, it scored a low 80 in performance. It is slightly higher in features and packs in 6 SATA ports, dual S/PDIF( both coaxial and optical) one Gigabit and one 10/100 LAN ports. The board has a fan placed above the back panel components which sucks out the air displaced by the CPU fan which enables efficient cooling. It only supports 6 channel audio however and since it doesn't bundle any extra features like wi-fi, Bluetooth etc, we feel that the price tag is not justified and you are better off spending 850 bucks more to buy our top performing ASUS board. RQS# E24 or SMS 131024 to 9811800601

ECS Nforce4-A 939

61 79
Feature Performance
Price: Rs 5500

IF you are looking for a board with excellent performance but will not cost an arm or a leg, this is the one! 

The first thing you feel when you see the board is a feeling of space. The board is very neatly laid out with some space marked out even for the logo! The purple color board supports a single Gigabit port, 4 USBs and a coaxial S/PDIF. In terms of performance this board was placed last in this group but that was primarily because it is NON-SLI. The beauty of the board is that it provides all the essential functions (even two PCI-E x1 slots which the MSIs don't have) and costs about half of what the second cheapest board in this category does.

If you don't care for the frills of firewire and Bluetooth and want a cheap solid performer, this is the one you should go for without even thinking twice. RQS# E25 or SMS 131025 to 9811800601

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