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Have you ever thought about the fact that every company, product, or service you touch or 'cannot live without' today was just a thought that came to the right mind at right time and in the right environment? The importance of the person who converted this innocent thought into reality which impacts us every day is humongous. That's because every individual is filled with new thoughts and exciting ideas, but as they say, that new ideas have a very high mortality rate! It's only a few that see the light of the day. That's what makes these personalities stand out from the rest, because they're the ones who have taken their ideas and executed them to change the world.


Another important aspect for the birth of a successful company, product, or service is the environment or the culture. Interestingly almost all personalities we have included in this section are or were from United States of America. This country still seems to be the country that provides opportunity to excel to those who have the capability. Within America, University of Harvard and University of Stanford are two academic institutions that most of these brilliant minds listed in this section are linked to.


Every big company, product, or service had a humble start. Some started off in a garage and moved their way up to multistory buildings with products/services having a global impact; but the same cannot be said about the minds of people listed in this section. They started showing their brilliance at an early age, some creating prototype products while others showing deep interest in areas that normally kids of their age are not associated with.

So what is that magical formula to be impactful? Well, by mere data analysis, I can say 'go to America and get admission to Stanford or Harvard', but in reality it is much more than these factors and is hard to define, building blocks and information both are ready and easily available. We just need to arrange them in a unique pattern.

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