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This again is essentially a one horse race, with Google continuing to remain the most popular English search facility available on the web. But we still introduced this category in this segment to analyze if there's anything interesting happening, and we were not disappointed.

Besides regular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, we found one more favorite English search emerging on the Internet-Wikipedia. In fact, it's so popular that it has become the runner up of this year's Users' Choice future readiness club, with Google at the winning spot and Yahoo! at number 3.

Going deeper, Wikipedia is also the most persuasive brand, followed by Yahoo! at a distant number two and Google even further down at number three. The same rankings also hold for the brand pull index.

The brand loyalties show a different picture, with Google enjoying the highest brand loyalty, followed by Yahoo! and then Wikipedia.

In fact, a large number of existing users of Yahoo! and Wikipedia said that they're likely to shift to using Google in the near future. In the online world of cut-throat competition, Google enjoys awhopping brand loyalty of 59%, and Yahoo is at 42%. Even Wikipedia is at 37%. Considering that in other online categories, brand loyalties are sub-30% figures, these achievements are quite commendable.

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