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“If I am in Bangalore and I open a website, for shopping, and it shows me discounts in Delhi, I am going to say-what a stupid website,” said Sachin Khosla candidly. The technology analyst said the need for a smart mobile website had become even more important. With the growing cheaper smart phones and the advent of tablet PCs, a developer will have to not only build a good looking website but that which works on mobile phones as well.

Khosla listed out the technologies that should be used to make the right website.


The reason why he championed the cause of HTML5 was the absence of complex lined of script. “Videos can be embedded quicker on a page without a complex script, just a single line code, infact,” he said. HTML5, he said, had been used to design Facebook and Twitter and, a single script could be used for all types of devices

He spelled out the following code to make a website work on any size:

Scale your website


“Smartphones use CSS,” Khosla said. He insisted CSS3 was much more powerful and had a slicker user interface. CSS3 has been developed in a manner to duck complex Java codes to design a simple feature like a slide.

A slideshow can be designed by using the simple code:


A smart website helps the designer connect to the user, by using a geo-locator. A geo-locator can be inserted into a page through a simple line of code shown below:

“Through the locator, you can surprise me-in a good way, make me feel connected,” said Khosla. He insisted that not only should the developer get the website to look attractive but also work attractively. “Don't make the user enter details multiple times, no one likes that,” he concluded.

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