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While the comparison might sound a little inappropriate, but this is what the Bangalore SMEs were found complaining about during the event. This is one city which is full of IT vendors---of all sizes and shapes, all hues and colors. And therefore, there's no dearth of business ideas that make innovative use of IT. For instance, one small organization has a 50-seat call center that co-ordinates food delivery for its customers with various restaurants across the city. Another organization specializes in gathering information about people who want to buy products from the same organization. They group together such people and better discounts are sought for the bulk purchase order. You can well understand how much their businesses depend on the power of the Internet. What SMEs therefore require is the right kind of bandwidth, quality of the connectivity itself, and support offered by the ISP. A lack on any of these counts can become a death knell for small organizations whose business depends purely on the Internet.

All of these requirements can be fulfilled by choosing the right partner. How to choose the right partner was deliberated during the event, among other IT essentials that are also required for success, including the right physical IT infrastructure, networking and communication technologies.

The PCQuest SMB Forum has been running successfully for around six years, and has addressed issues faced by Indian SMEs across more than 30 cities. This time, the event focused on the IT Essentials that are required for business success.

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