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Groupware being a very important component for today's corporate world has been given special attention and care in PCQLinux 2005. Last time we carried OpenGroupware with PCQLinux 2004, but got some complaints that it was not very easy to install and people faced complications while configuring it. So this time we decided to migrate to a new option called NullGroupware. This is a very easy to install Groupware solution and also has lots of good features, like calendaring, contact management, forums, messenger, e-mailing and more. Let's get started with installing, configuring, and finally using it. 

If you have installed PCQLinux 2005 as a 'Groupware Server' then Nullgroupware and all the other required components will be installed automatically. But if you have done some other type of installation then you have to manually install httpd and MySQL besides NullGroupware. You can install them by running system-config-package or selecting 'Add/Remove Applications' from the Application > System Settings Menu. When the Add/Remove Program starts up, select the PCQLinux Specials > Exclusive > NullGroupware option and click on the Update button and it will install all the required packages. 

Now comes the configuration part, which is also not at all difficult. To start with the configuration, first of all, start some pre-required services like this

#service httpd start
#service mysql star
#service webmin start 

Now go to the /opt/nullgroupware/bin and run the following command


Configuration settings
1. Will you be using SQLite, MySQL or PGSQL?
Type: MySQL
2. What is the host name of the MySQL server? 
Type: localhost
3. What TCP/IP port is the MySQL server listening on?
Type: 3306
4. What is the name of the database NullLogic Groupware should use?
Type: groupware
5. What username should NullLogic Groupware use to access the database? 
Type: groupware

This script will then ask you some questions. Provide the answers as shown in the box below.

Now you have to create a new database and a new database user. To create the database in MySQL run, the following command

#mysqladmin create groupware

Now open the Webmin interface and go to Servers > MySQL Database Server. Select the 'User Permission' followed by the 'Create new user' link and create a user called groupware. Give it all the rights by selecting them from the 'Permissions' table and finally click the Save button. Now just one thing is left to make your Groupware server running. you have to now copy the folder "/opt/nullgroupware/var/htdocs/groupware to /var/www/html folder and yes, everything is done. Run NullLogic Groupware by the following command

You can see the options for administration, calendaring, managing contacts and calls, e-mailing (fetching external mails into one web mail account), uploading files, creating forums, messaging, etc


Accessing and using NullLogic
To access NullLogic Groupware you have to open a browser and go to the link http://localhost:4410. a login page will appear. Provide the username as administrator and password as “visual” and it will let you enter the groupware administration page. 

As you can see at the left hand side of this page, you have the option for Administration, calendaring, managing contacts and calls, e-mailing (fetching external mails into one web mail account), uploading files, creating forums, messaging, etc. But the first thing you should do is to go to the Administration Link and select the "users" option and change the default Administrator's password. 

For more details on using this package visit

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