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Sasken has multiple data centers with huge server farms scattered across multiple locations in Bangalore. Managing such a complex infrastructure was a challenge. As their clientelle comprised of top communications companies of the world, they demanded separate platforms for their development work. Due to this, they had to provision for new servers for every new customer they acquired. Beyond a certain point, scaling up this IT infrastructure became unfeasible. There was a dire need to simplify this infrastructure. Sasken therefore decided to do consolidation and virtualization of their server and storage infrastructure.

They implemented VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 on 27 Sun blade servers, with a VMware ESX 3.5 hypervisor. The SAN was virtualized using Sun's StorageTek boxes. Within this, 13.3 TB of FC disk space was thin provisioned for using Hitachi dynamic provisioning software. Multi-tiered storage architecture has been built to provide tier based storage to databases and other services. VMware Consolidated Backup is used to backup each and every virtual server.

Sasken also implemented NetVault's VTL system for near-line backup and Sun's modular tape library system for backups. The VTL reduced time for doing daily backups. Moreover, the data transfers during backup happen completely over SAN. They don't use the network, thereby speeding up the process. The main challenge in doing this exercise was convincing customers about the confidentiality, Integrity and availability of their data.

Other Finalists - Green IT Projects

Company Scenario
Before Deployment


  • Difficulty in managing large server farms

  • Substantial complexity in scaling up infrastructure and adding new functionality

After Deployment
  • Point-In-time Recovery for all virtualized servers and services
  • Major reduction in time to recover from failure
  • Significant contribution to Carbon Reduction by reducing power consumption by 2.9 times

What was deployed

Sunil Dath Senior Consultant & Head IT

  • VMware's Virtual Infrastructure for server virtualization and consolidation

  • Sun's StorageTek SAN boxes with Hitachi's Dynamic Provisioning software for storage virtualization

  • NetVault's VTL and Sun's modular tape libraries for backup.


Post the deployment, Sasken has been able to reduce their physical servers by 4.6 times. Their power consumption has been reduced from 1239 KW to just 464 KW per day. Time for provisioning new servers has reduced from 6 weeks to 2-4 days. Server/Service uptime has reached a new mark of 99.8%. Overall full backup window has reduced from 48 to 22 hours. Cost of tapes has reduced from 24 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs per year. Thin provisioning of storage helped in increasing its utilization. The company no longer has to block physical space in their data center so much in advance. Provisioning happens whenever a client signs on with them. Their servers' CPU Utilization has increased from 10% to 45% and memory utilization increased from from 40% to 65%

In the future, Sasken plans to replicate this solution to their other data centers.

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