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This is perhaps the most crowded category of all in the Users' Choice awards. A whopping eight brands have made it to the club this year, with HP taking a clear lead amongst all brands, followed by IBM at a distant second. Wipro and CMS are close on the heels of IBM, and the rest are behind by a comfortable margin.

Users' Choice Club 2010
This category has the highest number of players of all segments we surveyed this year, with HP topping the charts.

Future Brand Preference Reasons
Product reliability is the biggest amongst the four reasons why users are likely to choose the top three brands.

Reasons why our respondents are likely to go for the services of the top brands in this category are interesting. 100% of the users who were likely to go with Sify said so because of its brand name, making it a very strong option for managed security services. 91% of Wipro fans chose it for product reliability, followed by HP at 70%. Similarly, 55% of Wipro's fans chose it for initial price followed again by HP at 43%. Sify seems to also be preferred over others for after sales service and support.

When we asked participants of the Users' Choice Club 2010 about brand loyalty of their current brand we found that Sify leads with 70%. Other two members need to improve on this aspect as their brand loyalty percentage is low, HP has brand loyalty of 40% while Wipro has brand loyalty of 27%.

Brand Loyalty 2010 vs 2009
IBM enjoys the highest brand loyalty amongst its existing customers, seeing a massive gain of 54% over last year.

Brand perception by industry and geography are also very interesting. Top brand HP has very strong brand perception in only the IT/ITeS segment and eastern India. It shows strong brand perception in BFSI and services segments, and in south India. It needs improvement in other regions and industries.

IBM is very strong in discrete and process manufacturing, and BFSI segements; and its brand perception is strong in all zones except east India. Wipro's brand perception is very strong in communications and media and the services industries. It's strong in BFSI and west India. In the remaining industries and zones, it needs to build up stronger brand perception. Reliance is very strong in IT/ITeS and strong in comm. and media industry.

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