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HP rules the roost in this segment across both sizes of organizations we surveyed, leaving IBM and others far behind by a wide margin. In the 100-499 employee segment, Bharti is the only third brand to have gathered sufficient votes to even enter the Users' Choice club. The 500-1000 employee enterprise segment has small brand presence of numerous other brands, including Reliance, HCL Infosystems, 3I Infotech, Cyquator, and HCL Comnet. In fact, this is one of the few spaces, that has a large number of players. We recorded 24 unique brands and a significant presence of other local players in our survey. In fact, the combined index score of the local players alone is so high that it easily makes them a runner-up in the 100-499 employee segment, and puts them on the third spot in the 500-1000 employee enterprises.


Interestingly, brand loyalties are exceptionally high amongst 100-499 employee enterprises. All three players, viz. Bharti, HP, and IBM enjoy 100% brand loyalty, meaning none of their existing users are likely to switch to any other brand in the near future. In the 500-1000 employee enterprises, only Cyquator and IBM enjoy that honor. HP is at 90% brand loyalty (with remaining 10% saying that they are likely to switch to Bharti), followed by others. Maybe such high brand loyalties exist because the players risk loosing their accounts to competition due to such a highly competitive landscape in this category. Amongst 100-499 employee enterprises, brand value is the key reason why 83% users are currently using HP's network management services, and another 80% are likely to opt for it in the near future for the same reason. IBM's picture is even better, with 100% of its users giving reliability as the primary reason, followed by 50% for brand value and initial price each. The same pattern is visible for those likely to choose IBM in the future.

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