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HP-Compaq emerges as the winner in 100-499 employees category while Dell outshines the rest in 500-1000 employees segment. Lenovo holds a strong consistent 3rd position across both segments. The other brands-HCL, Acer, and Toshiba barely made it to the club.


In the 100-499 employees segment, HP-Compaq enjoys the highest brand loyalty amongst its existing users, at 92%, while Lenovo needs improvement in the area with only 55% brand loyalty. In fact, around 30% of the respondents that were using Lenovo said they're likely to shift to either Dell or HP-Compaq. Acer faces the same challenge, with 64% loyal customers and around 27% who're likely to switch to Dell. HCL needs to watch out from HP-Compaq because that's where 18% of its existing customers are likely to switch to in this segment.

Coming to 500-1000 employee enterprises, Dell tops the brand loyalty chart with 92% loyal customers. Lenovo is better off here as compared to the 100-499 employee segment, having 89% brand loyalty. HCL has the lowest brand loyalty in this space at 50%, with 20% of its existing users likely to shift to Dell, and 10% each to HP-Compaq and Lenovo.


In a deep dive into the reasons for likely purchase of a particular brand in future, 83% respondents that are likely to go with HP-Compaq gave brand value as their key reason for doing so in the 100-499 employees category, while 71% of the respondents who chose Dell gave the same reason. Of the respondents that are currently using Dell, a majority gave product reliability as the key reason. Similarly, of the respondents that are currently using HP-Compaq, majority gave brand value as their key reason.

In the 500-1000 employees category, of the respondents that were likely to go with Dell or HP-Compaq, the majority gave product reliability as their key reason.

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