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This project was designed for VXF and Animation industry. The process of rendering takes lot of time and very expensive IT hardware. Needless to add, it consumes a lot of computing power and so, a huge cluster of servers is required to run the rendering process. As a result, a lot of power is required to run such a huge cluster, the rack servers take up a lot of space, and the time taken for the rendering process is too tiring. The traditional way of designing render farms is on 2u form factor servers, wherein each server takes more space, more power and offers less computing power for the rendering process. So, the company went for blade server technology as a part of render farms for rendering of images. Here, 64 servers go in one 42u rack as against 28 in the traditional 2u servers.

Each 2u server draws 450-500 watts of power as against less than 200 in blade servers thus saving huge power, as instead of 64 power supplies only 6 power supplies work in blade technology. The performance of a blade server is approx 30% better as compared to 2u form factor hence saving a lot valuable time that is wasted in a rendering process. The project was initially started on 26 blade servers and now has been replicated on 192 blades.

Project Specs
Project Head:Abhishek Tiwari, Director

Deployment Location: Mumbai and Chennai

Team Size: Seven

Tech Used:
Hardware: HP Blade System servers, Cisco Catalyst Blade Switches, and HP Ethernet Series of Blade switches

Software: Microsoft technologies

Implementation Partner
Sandeep Vahi, Compton Computers

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