ECS KA3 MVP Motherboard

Sony SDT-11000 DDS-4

IBM LTO-Ultrium 2

Sony AITe-90-UL AIT-1

Sony SDX-400C/R AIT-1

This ECS KA3MVP is an AM2 socket-based motherboard, based on the ATX form factor. The board is meant for building compute and graphics intensive machines. It supports ATi CrossFire technology to support two graphic cards for combined graphic processing. Processors supported include an AMD Sempron, Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core/Athlon 64 FX processor. 

It has a FSB of 1 GHz, and there are 4 DIMM slots that support DDR2 800MHz memory modules. Interestingly, it has 8 SATA II ports with two different controllers, and supports RAID 0, 1 and 0+1 configurations. Besides this, it also supports FireWire 400, 8-channel audio for audiophiles and 10 USB ports. It even has dual LAN, one based on 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and the other 1 Gbps. It also comes with good bundled software and utilities like Norton Antivirus, Live Update, AutoOver Clocking, etc. Plus, it has the regular slew of two PCI, I PCIe 1x, and two regular IDE ports.

Price: Rs 7,000 (2 yr warranty)
Key Specs: CrossFire edition, AM2 socket, 800MHz DDR2 support 
Contact: Cyberstar India, Bangalore
Tel: 51266808

Coming to performance, we used an AMD Athlon FX-62, 1 GB DDR2 400 MHz RAM, and a SATA hard drive as our test bed. We tested it with an NVIDIA 7800GT, which worked perfectly, despite it being an Ati board. We ran PCMark 2005, 3Dmark 2005, Business Winstone 2002 and Doom 3 tests on it, which test for overall system performance, graphics, business productivity, and gaming performance respectively. The board scored 6343 and 7946 in PCMark and 3Dmark tests respectively, which were both good scores, and in fact better than some of the other boards we've seen. Likewise, the score for Business Winstone was a 46.3, indicating good business functionality, and an ample 90 fps in Doom3.

Bottom Line: Given the rich features set and good performance, the board is a good buy for its price.

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