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This gizmo from Mercury is a must-have for people who like listening to music when on the move and at the same time also need to carry important data with them. The MusicDisk combines a portable USB disk drive with a MP3 player. The drive is available in capacities of 64, 128 and 256 MB. 

The device’s design is pretty interesting. The storage device and MP3 are combined into one little case. This fits snugly into another semi-cylindrical base unit that holds a single AAA size battery for powering the MP3 player. So whenever you need to exchange data with the drive, simply remove the detachable unit from the base unit and plug it into a free USB port on your PC. If you’re using Windows XP or 2000, the drive will be automatically recognized and ready for use. For other Windows versions, you’ll need to download the drivers from Mercury’s website on the Internet. 

S     N   A   P   S   H   O   T

Price : Rs 3,750
Key specs : MP3 player, 64 MB USB drive, good music playback
Contact : Kobian India, Bangalore. 
E-mail : 
Tel : 5566626.

You can even make the MusicDisk write-protected at the flick of a switch. This ensures that the data is safe from tampering. The sound quality of the MP3 playback is pretty good. Its rated continuous playback time is about 6 hours, which is sufficient considering it runs off a single battery. Data transfer rates are a little slower than other similar USB drives. While testing, it took 2 mins 37 secs to transfer about 62 MB of MP3 songs. 

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