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If you think live CDs/DVDs can be created only for Linux, and is really difficult, we have some news for you. Today, you can create a live CD/DVD or USB drive for lots of Operating Systems, including the latest Windows Vista.

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Applies To: System admins, PC users
Price: Free
USP: Create live Vista CDs, DVDs, or USB Flash drives
Primary Link:
Google Keywords: WinBuilder

We will use WinBuilder, which provides a graphical, wizard-driven scripting and building environment. You will need a PC running Windows Vista, an original Windows Vista DVD, a CD writer or USB drive (at least 1 GB), and good bandwidth. Optionally, it is good to have a Virtual Box or VMWare player installed, as this will save you from wasting a couple of CDs. First download WinBuilder.exe from Create a folder called VistaLive in any partition with at least 2 GB of free space. Then copy and run the winbuilder.exe file. This will start the WinBuilder wizard. Rest of the steps are explained below.

The first screen of the wizard will brief you on how to use WinBuilder. To begin the build process, click on the 'Download' tab present on the top You will get a list of components to select from. You can choose between 'Recommended' or 'Complete' option from the drop-down menu


Time to download depends upon your selections and the available bandwidth of your network. After downloading is complete, select the 'Scripts' tab You will get a list of options on the left pane of the wizard. Here, check the 'VistaPE Multiboot v.11' option and then expand it


Select and expand the 'Apps' options. Here, you will see all the available categories of applications, which you can add to the Live Vista Media. Select the ones you want to add Now, expand the 'Finalize' option. Once the build process is over, then for creating a Live CD ISO, select the 'Create ISO' option and provide the label of the CD


If you are planning to create a bootable USB drive instead, then select the 'Copy to USB device' option. For this provide the drive letter of the USB drive Click on the 'Paths' tab, provide path of the drive, which has the Windows Vista DVD in the source directory field, and click on the 'play' button. Now, your bootable ISO will be ready


While building the multi-boot project, if you have downloaded the components from the other OS section, then you will see a boot screen like this, with options for booting into a Linux rescue box This is the screenshot of the Live Vista Desktop running from a USB drive. You can just see and drool upon the number of apps that could be embedded onto this tiny little Live Vista distro
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