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Web pages containing high-resolution images often take considerable time to open. Zoomify EZ not only opens the Web pages quickly but also zooms a particular portion of the image with ease. Viewing these web pages is fast and interactive because each view that the visitor zooms and pans is of only small image tile. Zoomify EZ includes drag-and-drop image conversion and Flash-based zoom-and-pan view. It also includes a Zoomify Converter, which is available for Windows and Macintosh platforms only.

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Applies To: Web Designers and Flash Developers
Zoom and view details of roads, maps and places
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Zoomify EZ can be downloaded from For Windows and Macintosh users, and zEZv3-Mac.sit files respectively are available. Unziping or expanding these downloaded files creates a Zoomifyer EZ v3.1 directory, which contains a Converter and Zoomify Viewer.swf.

Zoomify EZ comes with a Converter to convert high-resolution images into small tiles of .jpg files and Zoomify Viewer.swf, a small flash program, for viewing the images For converting an image into jpg tiles, click and drag the image file into Zoomify Converter or double click on the converter and open the image file you want to convert


The Zoomify Converter creates one or two directories
depending on the no. of tiles and stores all .jpg tiles into the directories
The directory contains tiles of different resolutions. When a zoomable image is viewed, the .jpg files are downloaded as the browser zooms and pans using the Zoomify Viewer


A second directory gets created if the no. of files exceeds 256. Zoomify usually works with .jpg files, but can be modified to work with other files through Flash player support When you open zoomable image in a web page, it looks like a normal page with a picture. You can move the image up and down or right and left using the slide bar below the image


When you click anywhere on the image, the portion gets zoomed for view. Else you can use the arrow keys for panning and shift and control keys for zooming in and out The image shown here is zoomed approximately to 50% . The size of the source image and that of the intended display area mark the extent to which you can zoom an image
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