Some CPU Coolers to Go Along

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Glacialtech Alaska:

The Alaska model of the CPU cooling range from Glacialtech is a multi platform CPU cooler designed to be used with the Intel LGA775, 1156, LGA1366 and AMD2, AMD2+ and AM3 socket CPUs. The Alaska is essentially a tower design with 6 heat pipes and one 120mm fan. The steps in the aluminum fin design and the holes in these fins are part of the breathing effect which is the main essence of the cooling effect that the model has. This particular CPU cooler is a big entity and tad bit heavy weighing in at 740 gms which is a disadvantage, given the fact that, in most cases motherboards are placed vertically in the cabinet. The initial assembling and the mounting on the motherboard is not that simple. However, the cooler produces only 30 dBA of noise running at full tilt. The cooling unit, with a rated voltage of DC 12V performed decently when running at full tilt. There was no increase in system temperature or the noise levels when the system was hard at work during the intense graphics test. The pricing is on the wrong side of Rs 1500 to make this a worthy buy.

Glacialtech Igloo 5610 Plus Silent:

This CPU cooler is compatible with all Intel LGA1366, LGA775 and the AM2 , AM2+ socket CPUs. The 5610 plus silent is a dual fan heatsink. The overall setup is heavy as the heatsink is 139mm tall and weighs in at a over average 780 gms. The installation of the cooling unit is not a breeze as it requires some assembly and requires placement of 2 fans to the side of the main cooling tower. On running at full tilt, the cooling unit produces noise worth 17.7 dBA per fan which is not the most annoying limit you come across. With a rated voltage of DC 12V, the cooling unit kept the system temperature in check when subdued to high intensity graphics test. Just like the Alaska, this CPU cooler is priced above the Rs 1700 bracket and is an expensive buy.

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