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Applies to: Windows users
USP: Shred and/or encrypt important files
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Do you know that when we delete a file or a folder it is not completely removed from the hard disk? The deleted data can still be recovered and misused. However, the 'All in One Computer Tool' from Tools4pc can prevent this by overwriting the location where data is stored, in a proprietary algorithm, and that too upto 99 times. This tool can also encrypt a file/folder and help you assign a password. It has some other useful features such as a desktop switching tool named 'Virtual Desktop' which you can use to create upto four virtual desktops. Plus, there is a user hotkey option that you can use to open the most important/immediately needed programs at one go. It can also be made to run in hidden mode, wherein, unless you press the hotkey it won't be shown on Desktop/Start menu or even in the Uninstall list. There's another benefit, this tool can be set to restrict entry to specific and vital areas of your computer so that nobody  tampers with your data.


Run the set up file from the CD or download it from the Primary link. Follow the installation wizard. Check the boxes to configure Settings as per your requirements


Use Management/Enhancement option for various tasks such as to restrict access to control panel and to remove temporary Internet files after closing all browsers
 3 Select the specific file/folder you want to shred. Also select the number of times this has to be overwritten


Select Enable Virtual Desktop to get four virtual desktops. These are used to run various applications

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