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This is an all in one suite in which photos can be edited, over 200 file formats can be viewed, CDs and DVDs can be created, files can be uploaded/downloaded and published on the web through FTP. Turbo Browser X version 10 is a multifunction file browser cum editor that lets you do multiple tasks at one place. Whether it's viewing an Excel sheet, editing a text file, listening to music or burning MP3s on to a disk, all of these and more can be easily done with a few mouse clicks and all from the same application.

Photo editing
Turbo Browser X comes with a photo editor, which has some good tools that can be accessed from the darkroom tools set. It is located in the top bar of the picture editor window and can be floated. You can auto color, auto contrast, reduce red eye, turn photos into negatives and give a new photo an old look very easily. To edit a picture:

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Applies To: Windows users
Price: Rs 3,085
USP: Manage and edit all your files from one place
Primary Link: www.filestream.com/turbobrowser
Google Keywords: turbo browser
  1. Double click the picture you want to edit; it will open up in a window in the interface.
  2. Click on the dark room and histogram button located below the maximize button to view the tool set through which you can control the image color, contrast and brightness of the selected image.
  3. With the crop tool you can crop the picture into a predefined image size and even manually crop it as per your choice.

Viewing and browsing files
Turbo Browser X comes let's you view files in three diffrent ways. You have a Timeline view, Thumbnail view and a Filtering view. With Timeline view, you can view files in the chronological order as per their creation and modification date. You get a timeline bar with month button in it. Just click on a particular month or year and all files created or added to that folder in that month will be highlighted. With Thumbnail zoom in/out view, icons zoom in and out of thumbnail view. This helps in setting the size of the thumbnail in the browser window so as to get the desired number of files in the viewable area. With Filtering view, one can filter the files according to their extensions. Do this by clicking on the filter button in the browser window below the address bar.

You can browse files, view them as thumbnails, and open the Darkroom and Histogram to edit pictures

Creating a CD/DVD
In the files window, select the files you want to write on to the disk. Start the Burn to CD/DVD wizard from the Tools menu. Select the name you want to keep for the disk to be burnt and click Next. Select the writer and if you want to verify files after writing, select it and click the next button to start the writing process. After the process is completed, click the finish button to close the wizard.

You can easily edit pictures with a comprehensive set of picture editing tools
Filezilla lets you directly upload files to an FTP server

Upload/Download files from FTP server
Turbo Browser also lets you directly upload files to an FTP server. This can be useful if you're maintaining a website and need to update its content regularly. The way to do that is as follows:

  1. Click on the server button to get the server window on the left side of the interface. Type in the FTP server address and the username password for the server you want to access.
  2. If the server is not password protected, select no firewall in the firewall information tab. If the server is firewall protected, then specify the host, port, user ID and password and select the firewall type and click Connect.
  3. Once connected to the FTP server, you can upload and download files from the server window, which opens up in the middle of the Turbo Browser interface.




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