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This has a telephone line surge protector

Features: AC power and telephone line surge protection
Price: Rs 3,250
Contact: American Power Conversion. Tel: 080- 2213798, 2213847 Fax: 2213816. 27, Lavelle Road, Bangalore. www.apcc.com
E-mail: isbtech@apcc.com

Surge protectors are essential for today’s computers. While home PCs use UPSs, notebooks rely on their own power adaptors. These are in turn at the mercy of the erratic main power supply.

The Compact Surge Protector connects between the mains cord and the power adaptor of your notebook. There’s no elaborate configuration. It also features a telephone line surge protector. So the main phone line goes into the device and a cable each then runs to your notebook modem and the phone instrument. This protects modem and hence the notebook from being harmed by any electrical surge disturbances from the telephone line.

At Rs 3,250, it’s a good investment to keep away worries of burning out your costly notebook.

Ashish Sharma at PCQ Labs

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