Quick Heal AntiVirus 2007

Essential Anti-virus, Firewall and Anti-Spam

Secure Point Security Manager Suite

Anti-virus with Firewall

Five UTMs Attacked

Quick Heal Anti Virus 2007 provides protection against Internet threats, and is easy to configure and use. It comes as a 3-in-1 protection–an anti virus, an anti spyware and a Firewall. It brings with it, the DNAScan Technology, which works on the techniques of deep code inspection with code analysis. It also comes with a new version of Quick Heal Personal Firewall, Quick Heal Firewall Professional Pro. The Firewall interface gives detailed information about network activity, all that has been blocked by it and all allowed. We tested it against latest viruses, malware, spyware and also checked its Firewall with attacks such as nmap, DOS attack and arpspoof. We first installed the viruses on to the system and then installed the anti virus. Once we ran the virus scan, it detected all the viruses and deleted them. We attacked the system with DOS attack and nmap, and it detected both of them. Even though it could not exactly determine the type of the attack, it blocked the attack nevertheless. But unlike F-Secure Internet Security 2007 reviewed in March issue of PCQuest (page 134) it could not detect the arpspoof attack. It maintains a complete log report of all network activity for good. We configured a mail account in Outlook Express and sent some spam mail to it. It detected 70-80 percent of it.

Bottom Line: Good performance, but expensive compared to F-Secure 2007's cost of Rs 1600 for 3 users.

Price: Rs 1,575 per user (1 yr warranty)
Key Specs: DNSScan for malware protection, virus, anti spyware, firewall.
Contact: Vivek Prakash, Pune
Tel: 25532144, E-mail: marketing@quickheal.com

SMS Buy 130587 to 6677

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