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This new processor is actually clocked at 1.6 GHz, and is currently the second fastest processor available after the XP 2000+ model. Manufactured by a 0.18 micron process, all Athlon XPs have 64 KB L1 and 256 KB L2 cache. While SSE2 support is yet to be included, SSE is supported. This particular processor has a front side bus clocked at 133 MHz DDR (266 MHz effective) and has a 12x clock multiplier. 

A great performer

Price: Rs 15,000 
Meant for: Graphics professionals and heavy gamers
Features: Socket 423, 64 KB L1, 256 KB L2 cache
Pros: Good performance
Contact: Avnet Max, New Delhi. 
Tel: 011-6250206. 

We tested the processor using a Gigabyte GA-7DX motherboard, 256 MB DDR-RAM, IBM DeskStar 7200 RPM HDD and GeForce2 GTS. Compared to all previous AMD processors, this CPU is able to score new highs in all benchmarks. However, it does not completely own the performance throne yet, as the 2.2 GHz Northwood is able to outperform it in a few benchmarks. Most noticeably, while the Athlon is able to score better in MP3 encoding, it is beaten by a wide margin in DivX encoding which uses SSE2 for optimum results. The Athlon XP scored 59 in Business Winstone 2001, which is more than all other processors that we have tested. In Content Creation 2001, while it is able to outscore the 2.0 GHz Northwood, the 2.2 GHz gets a 6% lead. Overall, the Athlon XP 1900+ performed very well.

One of the advantages of an AMD processor has always been that upgrade options remain open, as a socket change has not happened in quite some time. 

The Bottom Line: The XP 1900+ makes a very good buy for professionals and gamers alike. 

Anuj Jain at PCQ Labs

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