Riverbed Announces SteelFusion 3.0 Solution to Centralize Data in the Datacenter and Facilitate Instant Recovery at the Branch Office

SteelFusion improves branch economics by fusing servers, storage, virtualization and networking into a single solution speeding provisioning by up to 30x and recovery by up to 96x

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Scenario 1: Branch office to Data Center Connectivity


Riverbed Technology SteelFusion3.0 (formerly known as Riverbed Granite), the first branch converged infrastructure that centralizes data in the datacenter and delivers local performance and nearly instant recovery at the branch. SteelFusion fuses branch servers, storage, networking, and virtualization infrastructure into a single solution that, as measured by Taneja Group, reduces the average time to provision branch services by 30x (from five hours to ten minutes) and recovery from branch outages by 96x (from 24 hours to 15 minutes) Convergence For The Branch Office: Transforming Resiliency and TCO with Riverbed SteelFusion, Taneja Group Technology Validation, April, 2014. With SteelFusion 3.0, Riverbed raises the bar with even faster branch recovery, higher data capacity, and faster performance.

The typical datacenter serves 55 branches Enhancing Business Value with an Edge-Optimized Virtual Server and Storage Delivery Solution, IDC, June 2013 and only eight percent of these branches have fully consolidated IT infrastructure Successfully Consolidating Branch-Office Infrastructure In The Face Of More Users, Services, and Devices, Forrester, October 2011. As a result, according to IDC, more than $4 billion is being spent on remote office infrastructure and maintenance every year. All of the islands of distributed branch infrastructure have been necessary to meet local performance and reliability needs to ensure the productivity of employees working in branch offices; however, they are costly and inefficient to manage. In addition, companies rarely have the expertise in branches to maintain and protect data in such distributed infrastructure, and when branch offices suffer outages due to natural or manmade disasters, employee productivity and data are compromised and company revenue is impacted.

Riverbed pioneered the branch converged infrastructure market to address these problems by launching Riverbed Granite, now called Riverbed SteelFusion. To date, the solution is helping customers centralize and protect an estimated 47 petabytes of branch data in their datacenter and consolidate an estimated 87,000 branch servers. SteelFusion has been named InfoWorld Technology of the Year for two straight years.

"With more and more branches and data, organizations are struggling with the cost and inefficiency of managing islands of infrastructure - servers, apps and storage - outside the datacenter. Riverbed developed the first solution that delivers all the benefits of converged infrastructure found in the datacenter, such as performance, security, scalability, better disaster recovery, and manageability, but optimized for the unique requirements of the branch," said John Martin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Storage Delivery at Riverbed. "With SteelFusion, Riverbed has completely changed the game with branch IT infrastructure. Businesses get the best of both worlds: centralizing data to eliminate branch downtime, improve data security, and lower TCO while still delivering local access to apps and data for branch workers."

"SteelFusion is a no-brainer because as an IT leader you want simplified infrastructure and all of your data, servers, and virtual machines in the core datacenter," said Mike Rinken, senior associate and director of IT at Mazzetti, a full-service consulting and building design firm. "With Riverbed I no longer need separate physical infrastructure at my branches for file, and application servers. All that now rolls onto a single SteelFusion branch converged infrastructure appliance."

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