Samsung SpinPoint MT2 1TB HDD

Samsung SpinPoint MT2 features 5400 RPM spindle speed along with 8MB of cache memory

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Price: ₹ 3,500 (3 year warranty)

Key Specs

    1 TB capacity, SATA 3GB/s interface, 5400 rpm, 8 MB cache

Bottomline: Due to its capacity and low price, the drive is ideal for usage in portable external drives.

For all those mobile users who find their notebook's hard drive running short of storage, there's good news that Samsung has crammed up a whopping 1TB of storage space in a 2.5 inch form-factor drive. Do not rejoice as here's the bad news; this drive might not fit into your notebook as it boasts a 12.5mm thickness, a full 3mm more than what's a standard 2.5 inch HDD's thickness.

So, unless you have a notebook having a HDD bay that can fit a 12.5mm drive, you would be using this drive in a portable HDD case rather than your notebook. Because of humungous capacity it offers, this drive is also ideal to be used in compact desktop computers and set-top boxes.

Samsung SpinPoint MT2 features 5400 RPM spindle speed along with 8MB of cache memory. The drive incorporates EcoSeek and NoiseGuard technologies that keep down the noise level from continuous spindle movement.

We tested the drive on AMD Phenom II X4 975 3.6 GHz-based machine with 4GB RAM. The Samsung SpinPoint clocked an average transfer rate of 71.7 MB/sec with 17.2ms access time on HD Tune benchmark. This speed is much faster than Hitachi Travelstar 5K500 (reviewed January 2009) which was also a 5400 RPM drive with 500GB capacity and had clocked 54.2 MB/sec average transfer speed with access time of 18.4ms.


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