Powersafe Power Bank PB 10400

Powersafe Power Bank PB 10400 Review

The portable and lightweight Power Bank to power-up multiple devices on the go

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Price: ₹ 4499

Key Specs

    10,400 mAh battery, USB wall charger, Input: DC 5.0V =1000mAh, Output 1: 1500 mAh, Output 2: 2100mAh

Pros: Easy to setup, quick charging time, charge two devices simultaneously

Cons: Takes 6 hours to be fully charged

Bottomline: Decent built device is available at the fair price. People who are using multiple devices such as smartphone, tablets etc. and looking for portable power bank, this could be the right choice.

Whether you have forget to carry your charger or power supply is not available at the moment, Powersafe Power Bank PB 10400 would suffice all your needs. The portable and lightweight power bank supports almost every device including smartphones, tablets, GPS, handheld gaming device etc. This small yet powerful device can be carried easily in a bagpack and comes with six different connectors. These connectors can be used to power up different devices on the go.

The power bank has three ports- two USB ports for output and one microUSB for input. It comes with one USB cable which has a jack at the end that connects other six connectors. Using the six different connectors, one can easily convert the cable as per the requirement. First charge the device using the cable and home/office power supply. There are four blue-light indicators placed on the top of the device that indicate the status of charging. Once it's fully charged, all the four light would be stable, and the power bank would be ready to use. Now, the same cable can be used to power-up other devices. Use the connector according to the device. This can power-up two devices simultaneously.

The power bank can charge devices quickly, while protecting them from being overcharged, overheating short circuit etc. It can power-up two completely drained devices of about 2500 mAh in one full charge. Setup and operation of the device is quite easy, which takes only few seconds.

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Theodo 18 June 2014 at 01:10 PM Reply

I’ve been using a RAVPower with the same capacity. Got it a year ago and it's still strong.


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