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Price: ₹ 32009 for 2 Administrators (unrestricted resources and users) US$495

Key Specs

    Accounts Discovery, Password Protection and Management
    Remote Password Synchronization
    Privileged Account Management
    Privileged Session Management

Pros: Centralized, encrypted password vault.
APIs for programmatic application password access
AD integration
Remote device password resets

Cons: None

Bottomline: The PasswordManager Pro is available for a free 30-days trial and allows to get rid off from the old spreadsheets methods to store the passwords. It gives a centralised control over passwords and has the ability to change them remotely. Whatever experience we got from it is that every IT administrators should use it once.

Are you fed up of remembering passwords for different applications? Almost every person is trying to make a strong password to secure the sensitive information, but it’s really irritating to remember those passwords as we are dealing with numerous applications every day. If I talk about the managing and sharing passwords in enterprises, then it becomes more challenging for an admin due to different types systems and employees roles. To carve out this chaos situation, the ManageEngine came out with an enterprise level solution called Password Manager Pro (Link).

Password Manager Pro is a secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents and digital identities of enterprises. It makes easier for enterprises to store and share passwords among authorized users, with role-based access control, logging, and reporting. Even without sharing the password it enables remote login to devices. For two administrative users and unlimited resources, and systems the starting price is $495 per year.

Password Manager Pro System Requirements

Processor: Dual Core/Core2Duo or above


Hard Disk
200 MB for product
10 GB for database

OS: Windows, Linux or VM’s.


Installation Process

Step 1: Download the Pro manager and run the .exe file, if you are using a Windows system.

Step 2: After installation, open the browser and type the server IP along port – 7272 where you have installed the Password pro. If it is on local machine then use the local host IP. A Login Interface will open use the default Username and Password “admin”.

password manager 1

Step 3: After Login a clean interface Dashboard will appear to manage all the passwords.

password manager pro review

Installation Review:

The installation process is easy and takes a few minutes to install both database and web-server. Also on the website of Password Pro Manager, a  complete detailed documentation is available regarding installation and another management process.

It is easy to deploy and provides a simple and easy-to-deploy password and access management to privileged or system accounts. It allows administrators to audit all privileged access.

Password Manager Pro is a complete solution to control, manage, monitor, and audit the entire lifecycle of privileged access. In a single package, it offer three solutions:

  • Privileged Account Management
  • Remote Access Management
  • Privileged Session Management


Privileged Account Management

Privileged account management, also known as privileged identity management, deals with the protection of privileged accounts in an enterprise, including those of operating systems, databases, servers, applications, and networking devices. Password Manager Pro helps consolidate all such privileged accounts in a centralized vault in fully encrypted form. It automatically discovers IT assets, enumerate privileged accounts.

Remote Access Management

Password Manager Pro helps to access to all remote devices, including remote data centers. It centralizes the management of all those credentials and access controls.

Privileged Session Management

It helps you closely monitor and completely control the privileged sessions. You can continuously track users activities as well as it offers video record and archive privileged sessions to support forensic audits.

Overall features and performance

The ManageEngine has both Windows and Linux versions of the server. The web interface is well organized and quite familiar if you have used any other Manage Enigne’s products. Administrators can easily verify that who is accessing and what; using the logs generated by the software. Including this, it also can record video of all the remote sessions and store them for any future verification or knowledge process.

The administrators only can create and own all passwords by default. Users can’t access them until and unless the admin shares the password with them. The owner of the resource can decide that what level of access can be granted to view, modify, or manage resources given to the another user. The users can be granted different roles to access different levels of access to the system and passwords in the system. There are four types of users that software creates:

  1. Administrators
  2. Password Administrators
  3. Password Users
  4. Password Auditors

Note: Any administrator can be made as “Super Administrator” with the privilege to view and manage all resources.

ManageEngine provides free technical support during the product evaluation. After evaluation, the phone and email support become a part of the annual subscription cost. Customers also have access to a large support portal on the web which includes a knowledge base and user forum.

The Management of the Password and the automated reset option of ManageEngine Password Manager Pro make your data more secure as compared to the regular IT security services. The Password Pro is a complete password management solution that not only stores them but also reset in all resources as soon as the password is updated. The software supports Windows or Linux devices, it also has a wide range of systems support from SQL, Oracle to HP network products.

Admin can also get info about- how the created password is being used, how many has been expired, the password that doesn’t match the password complexity policies, and which passwords are rarely used.

Besides all these, there are lots of other features that Password Manager Pro can provide. The software is best in its class and performed well in every aspect. Moreover, the price of the Password Manager Pro is affordable and value for money.

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