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Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB HDD Review

Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB HDD

The massive 4TB capacity Seagate external hard drive is made for quick backup. This is the first drive that houses two internal hard drives on the inside. These two are combined into one single volume in a “RAID 0” configuration to provide complete 4TB storage. But, it also increases the risk of data loss, because if one disk fails, second will also be affected and entire disk data can be lost.

It comes with two USB cables; one is standard USB 3.0 and another Y-shaped cable that draws power from two USB ports of a computer that can be needed when single USB port can’t provide enough power to work, majorly with older PCs or laptops. The Fast 4TB drive supports Windows systems as it comes formatted with NTFS file system. Mac OS users can customize it to enable Mac to read and write to drive or can reformat into NFS+ that allows Windows systems to read and write to the Mac file system. The preloaded Seagate Dashboard backup software offers three features – PC Backup, Mobile Backup and Social backup. It also enables users to schedule automate backups for their PCs, smartphones and social networks. PC backup function works only with Windows and other two are compatible with Mac as well.

In comparison with 1TB drive, as no other 4TB drive is available in the market, ground for comparison is not viable, and it delivered 51.5MB/s write and 54.1MB/s read speed with our 3.3GB assorted data, which is 1.5 times faster than other 1TB drives.

Bottomline: With the massive storage, 3.7TB (available to the user) it would cost Rs 6.6/GB, which is economical. The storage capacity and higher transfer speed makes it a decent package to consider.
Price: Rs. 25,000.00

Key Specs: 3.5-inch portable hard drive, Preloaded Seagate Dashboard, Cloud, USB 3.0

Pros: Massive capacity, Portable and lightweight, Affordable

Cons: Cloud feature, Not serviceable by user

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