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Tech Everywhere, Enabling Everything

by May 11, 2018

By Dinesh Venugopal, President – Mphasis Direct and Digital Over the last few years, technology has played a defining role in helping enterprises enhance customer experience. I believe 2018 will see …

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Seven-Fold Increase in Global Mobile Data Traffic from 2016-21, Cisco Reports

by February 9, 2017

By 2021, more members of the global population will be using mobile phones (5.5 billion) than bank accounts (5.4 billion), running water (5.3 billion), or landlines (2.9 billion), according to …

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Virtual and Augmented Reality – Reshaping Business Futures

by October 24, 2016

By BS Teh, Senior Vice President Global Sales and Sales Operations Much has been written about the increasing use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). …

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WOWSOME Brings to you the New Phase of Marketing Communication

by February 23, 2015

Wowsome is an innovative augmented reality medium to serve masses for advertising   WOWSOME is a mobile augmented reality application that transforms the way users can interact with their surroundings. It is …

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