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Good Habits for safe digital transactions

by February 8, 2018

Transactions, including digital payments, using IMPS, UPI, Debit and Credit cards, Wallets, and Mobile Banking have seen a tremendous increase especially in the last year. Following table shows the volumes (in Millions) and values (in …

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CA Technologies Announces New Data-centric Security Features

by May 23, 2017

CA Technologies has announced new data protection enhancements to CA Data Content Discovery and CA Compliance Event Manager that simplify security management across the enterprise and enable robust, end-to-end protection …

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Kaspersky Lab Survey Highlights Data Protection as the Top Priority for Businesses when Combatting Cyberthreats

by November 23, 2016

Loss or exposure of sensitive data is the worst outcome of a cybersecurity incident, according to the findings of Kaspersky Lab’s report, “Business Perception of IT Security: In the …

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Data Protection on Humid Days

by September 18, 2015

– Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar Data Recovery Be it phones, camera, tablets, laptops, desktops or even your kindle – monsoons or high humidity days can wreak havoc through multiple ways. Here …

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Arcserve Announces New Unified Data Protection Plans for Indian SMBs

by August 12, 2015

Arcserve, a data protection and recovery software vendor, announced its plans to expand its presence in Indian market rapidly with its Unified Data Protection (UDP) solution which has been adopted by …

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