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F-Secure, University of Helsinki bring back Cyber Security Base

by October 3, 2017

Cyber Security Base with F-Secure, an online course series developed by the University of Helsinki and F-Secure, is back for another year. Over 50,000 people …

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Here are 5 Top Tips to Avoid Ransomware

by March 24, 2017

Imagine losing all the photos, videos, messages, and documents you’ve stored on your computer. How much money would you be willing to pay to get it all back? Ransomware is …

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Here’s Why 99% of Mobile Malware Targets Android Devices

by March 21, 2017

More than 99 percent of all malware designed for mobile devices targets Android devices, Olaf Pursche, Head of Communications at AV-TEST explains in the F-Secure State of Cyber Security 2017. “There …

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Post Budget 2017 Reactions of Industry’ Leaders

by February 1, 2017

Yesterday, we were waiting for the budget hoping for great steps to make India stronger. And today we have got answers. Our leaders expected many different things and here is there reactions …

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F-Secure Unveils ‘Radar’ – A Enterprise-Grade Vulnerability Scanning And Management Solution

by January 31, 2017

F-Secure announces F-Secure Radar, a vulnerability management solution that allows one to easily control and manage IT security risk. The vulnerability scanning and management service help enterprises identify and remediate …

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F-Secure’s Cyber Security Stress Test: Stop Stressing and Start Testing

by October 19, 2015

F-Secure has released a new tool to help businesses learn more about their security posture for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The new Cyber Security Stress Test is a quick …

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Put an end to ads that eat up data and slow down browsing with F-Secure AdBlocker

by October 6, 2015

F-Secure has released a new ad blocker that the company hopes will encourage content providers to adopt more user-friendly advertising practices. The new app, called F-Secure AdBlocker, is a free …

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Software Vulnerabilities Continue to Supply Criminals with Exploits

by June 4, 2015

F-Secure warns of the ongoing risks associated with exploits, which are attacks that take advantage of software vulnerabilities to compromise systems and provide criminals with an entry point for crimeware. …

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F-Secure warns of Growth in Extortion Malware

by May 19, 2015

New research from cyber security firm F-Secure warns of Growth in Extortion Malware. The company has witnessed SMS message sending trojans and ransomware attacks on Mobile Wallets and Virtual currencies …

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India ranks 3rd in data stealing malware i.e. AUTORUN mostly via infected removable and hard drives

by May 14, 2015

New research from cyber security firm F-Secure points that India is the 3rd country to be affected by Autorun globally. Autorun is a family of worms that spread mostly via …

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