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Gemalto to protect 5G next generation networks from cyber-attacks with Intel Software Guard Extensions

by April 20, 2018

Gemalto announced it is bolstering protection against cyber-attacks for the new generation of cloud-based virtualized networks being planned and deployed with Intel technology. This new initiative combines the Intel …

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Gemalto unveils two new enhanced security features for ID documents

by March 23, 2018

Gemalto announced the launch of two new laser-personalized innovations designed to further increase the security of official identity documents. These advanced security features are available immediately as additional options in the Gemalto

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How can you stay safe online at the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

by March 7, 2018

By: Jason Hart, VP and CTO for data protection, Gemalto Next month Pyeongchang in South Korea is set to host “the most connected Olympic and Paralympic Games” to date, with millions …

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Gemalto Introduces the First Biometric EMV Card

by January 5, 2018

Gemalto has been chosen by Bank of Cyprus to provide the world’s first and foremost EMV biometric dual interface payment card for chip and contactless payments, both. Utilization of fingerprint recognition as an …

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Gemalto Gives Google Cloud Platform Customers Flexible Encryption and Key Management

by December 6, 2017

Gemalto announced it is providing Google Cloud Platform customers with the ability to manage and maintain full control of their encryption keys on Google Cloud Platform. Gemalto’s SafeNet Luna Hardware …

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Gemalto Enables Oracle Cloud Consumers to Boost Security of Data

by October 3, 2017

Gemalto announced that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers can enhance the security of their cloud workloads and reduce the complexity of managing multiple heterogeneous security solutions with an integrated SafeNet Encryption …

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Gemalto helps banks and payment providers simplify and streamline encryption operations

by September 27, 2017

Gemalto announced the launch of the industry’s first payment hardware security module (HSM) to include partitioning as an advanced security feature. This new capability allows financial services organizations to simplify …

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by September 22, 2017

Gemalto released the latest findings of the Breach Level Index, a global database of public data breaches, revealing 18 data breaches led to 203.7 million data records being compromised in …

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The use of Gemalto’s IoT connectivity technology in OnKöl’s mHealth solution

by September 11, 2017

Gemalto announces the use of its IoT connectivity technology in OnKöl’s mHealth solution. Enabled by Gemalto’s wireless module, the smart hub connects the elderly and those with special needs to …

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Gemalto Announces Data Protection Solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS

by August 29, 2017

Gemalto has announced its SafeNet data encryption and key management solutions are now available to customers of VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware Cloud on AWS brings together VMware’s enterprise-class Software-Defined Data …

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Gemalto Becomes World’S First GSMA Certified For Secure eSIM Subscription Management

by August 4, 2017

Gemalto announces that its On-Demand Connectivity Service has become the first in the world to demonstrate full compliance with the stringent security requirements of the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme for …

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Gemalto Awarded for Leadership in Encryption and Data Protection

by July 6, 2017

Gemalto has announced it has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Encryption and Data Protection Technology Leadership Award. Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluate Gemalto’s SafeNet data protection and encryption solutions, …

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Gemalto launches SafeNet Trusted Access

by June 14, 2017

Gemalto recently announced the launch of SafeNet Trusted Access, an access management and identity protection service, to secure cloud and on premise applications. Powered by a robust risk-based analytics engine, …

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Samsung Galaxy S8 to use Gemalto’s secure smart chip

by May 8, 2017

Gemalto’s embedded Secure Element (eSE) – a smart chip with a secure OS and applications – will soon be integrated into the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8 in selected markets. …

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Gemalto’s 2016 Breach Level Index Finds 36.6 million Records Breached in India

by March 30, 2017

Gemalto has released the findings of the Breach Level Index revealing that 33 reported data breaches led to almost 36.6 million data records being compromised in India during 2016, an …

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Gemalto unveils a new encryption solutions to protect data across the cloud and high-speed networks

by February 14, 2017

  As data encryption is more widely adopted to protect sensitive applications and information, Gemalto announced the launch of two new solutions that give enterprises unparalleled speed, performance and security when …

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AT&T Strengthens Internet of Things (IoT) Product Line with Gemalto’s Remote Subscription Management

by January 3, 2017

Gemalto, the global provider in digital security, is supplying AT&T with a remote subscription management solution that will help enable its customers to deploy new and highly secure IoT applications …

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Here’s How Employees Could Compromise Enterprise Security

by December 14, 2016

The enterprise and consumer worlds are merging closer together, with enterprise security teams under increasing pressure to implement the same type of authentication methods typically seen in consumer services, such …

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Rigid software licensing options are frustrating today’s enterprise users

by November 13, 2015

Gemalto announced the publication of its State of Software Monetization report. Survey results reveal that enterprise software customer demands are evolving and software vendors and intelligent …

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