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Google and Coursera Introduce New Certificate Program

by January 17, 2018

Coursera and Google have introduced the Google IT Support Professional Certificate. It is a program, which will make a well-paying career in IT within the reach of anyone, anywhere.

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Google – Entertainment continues to fuel India’s Search momentum in 2017

by December 13, 2017

Bidding farewell to the year and anticipating the onset of 2018, Google India announced its 2017 Year in Search results, recapping the top trends and searches through the collective eyes …

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Google introduces new features in Chrome to stop websites from injecting malware

by November 13, 2017

Google announced three major changes to Chrome that will improve the browser’s malware detection and removal capabilities. These new changes will block websites that sneakily redirect users to unintended URLs …

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Google introduces Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

by October 5, 2017

Last year, Google  launched its first Pixel phone. The brand started on this journey by asking “what if smartphones could get smarter and simpler?” The company set out to make …

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Google Introduces Tez for Simple and Secure Mobile Payments

by September 18, 2017

Today Google announced Tez, a simple and secure mobile app for digital payments and commerce, built with the goal of working for everyone in India. The app is available now …

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Google launches new feature for SMBs for online Business

by September 7, 2017

Google has launched a feature for “Google My Business’ customers that allows business owners to manage their business listings right from Google Search. It has built a simple, easy-to-access business …

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Google Personalizes Voice Search for Indic Language Internet Users

by August 16, 2017

Building rich and empowering experiences for everyone means making things work in the language they speak in. In helping solve the challenge for India’s next billion users, Google announced the …

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All you need to do is just Google!

by July 31, 2017

Want your business online? All you need to do is just Google! The Indian SMBs now only do Google for transforming their business growth to next level. With only Google, …

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Google Encourages and Empowers SMBs to Harness the Power of Digital

by July 27, 2017

Google India reaffirmed its commitment to digitally empower India’s small and medium businesses. As part of its Digital Unlocked campaign, Google announced the national winners of SMB Heroes 2017, an initiative …

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Real-time information is now available for Kolkata’s WBTC buses on Google Maps

by July 24, 2017

Starting today, commuters in Kolkata will be able to get real-time bus information in Google Maps. Google has teamed up with the West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC), to add real-time information …

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Blaze Bot, a buddy that Never Complaints

by July 3, 2017

Bots, the computer programs that talk like humans and are derived from the word robot—is cloud-based software that automates the tasks one would usually do on their own. These include fetching …

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Google Pushes Law Enforcement to Have More Access to Overseas Data

by June 22, 2017

Alphabet’s Google will press US lawmakers recently to update laws on how governments access customer data stored on servers located in other countries, hoping to address a mounting concern for …

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Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox; which one to prefer

by June 22, 2017

There are lots of web browsers available around, but  there are three to four main browsers which all of us  take into consideration to use. Now let’s compare the Google Chrome …

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Google makes building websites easier and faster

by June 13, 2017

Google has recently announced the launch of a new simple, free, and fast way to build a website through Google My Business. Helping SMBs leverage the power of internet and …

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MediaTek Launches Chipset Supporting the Google Assistant and Android Things

by May 18, 2017

MediaTek recently introduced its newest full-featured chipset designed to enable Voice Assistant Devices (VADs) and smart speakers, including the Google Assistant. MediaTek also announced support for MT8516 based Android Things pre-certified …

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Ola with Google launches Progressive Web App

by May 18, 2017

Ola recently announced the launch of its Progressive Web App (PWA), a lightweight mobile website that offers users, especially in smaller towns and cities, an app-like experience on simple smartphones, …

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Top 5 Cloud Computing myths debunked

by May 11, 2017

Authored by: Aniketh Jain, CEO & Co-founder of Solutions Infini The entry of cloud technology in the business sphere is a game-changer. Across …

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Google Enhances Indian Language Support Across Products to Get More Indians on the Web

by April 25, 2017

  –          Launches Neural Machine Translation for nine Indian languages –          Extends Neural Machine Auto-Translation for Chrome & Reviews on Google Maps –          Introduces Gboard to support all 22 schedule Indian languages –          Integrates …

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Google Play Music Subscription Launched in India at Rs. 89 Per Month

by April 6, 2017

Google India today announced the launch of Google Play Music subscription in India, offering music lovers a fresh take on streaming that is smarter, easier and uses little data. Google …

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Why Progressive Web Apps Have the Potential to Replace Mobile Apps

by April 5, 2017

    By Abhiram Talluri, Product Manager, ShopsUp A colleague of mine recently said me, “Hey, how about using Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, instead of native app” which made me dig deep …

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