Trends Watch

July 31, 2000

A portal for, by, and of the student community

Beanstalks from HCL

July 31, 2000

Two stylish-looking PCs for the home user


July 31, 2000

A cheap-n-compact line-interactive UPS for homes and small offices

The PCQ Buying Guide

July 7, 2000

PCQ Puts together all that you need to know when buying a PC or peripherals to choosing consultants for your IT projects.

Technology Tomorrow

June 19, 2000

Thumbnail-sized displays, Internet in your car, wristwatch PCs

A really big game of Tetris

June 19, 2000

What would you do if you were stranded on Rhode Island alone? You sure ...

e-Picture frame

June 19, 2000

The front end of this new device looks pretty much the same as your wood-and-glass ...

Vision of the future

June 19, 2000

Bulky displays and eyestrain are commonly associated with computing, but that could soon be the thing of the past.


June 19, 2000

A USB device to protect your PC from unauthorized users

Golden Nuggets

June 19, 2000

A user-friendly HR software for small and medium organizations

Easel Monitors

June 19, 2000

Two LCD flat-screen color monitors with TFT technology

Of Protectors and Pirates

May 1, 2000

There are many ways to copy protect your software, and each has its pros and cons

Will e-com survive?

May 1, 2000

E-commerce is big business today. Enough and more has been written about it. Here we’ll concentrate on just one thing. What is it that ...

Editing Explorer.exe

May 1, 2000

Customize Windows by changing its default error messages, buttons, and pop-up menu items


May 1, 2000

An advanced search facility for your desktop


May 1, 2000

Encode movies from DVDs and distribute them over the Web

Build Your Site At No Cost

April 4, 2000

A step-by-step guide to have your site up and running: for free

E-Commerce Review:

April 1, 2000

Missing links, incomplete information, and no online help


April 1, 2000

Same products as those on TV, free delivery across India, online payments and tracking

Set up your Online Shop

April 1, 2000

Five easy steps to create your e-com site