10 Best interview tips for your first job

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Getting interviewed at a company and landing a job are two different scenarios but are strongly co-related, however, the latter largely depends on how great you close your interview. Preparing for your first job interview can be a bit nerve-racking. Your only prior work experiences might be internships, wherein there was not a lot of pressure during the interview process. With no substantial interviewing experience, you will have to be thoroughly prepared before the big day arrives. As this is your first chance to impress the higher-ups at your potential place of work, this face-to-face interaction is of the essence. Its always a better idea to have a few interview tips at hand.

So, how do you make a lasting impression and get successfully selected on your first attempt? We sat down with Neha Kaul, Head, Brand and Growth Marketing, Shine.com, and here are a few interview tips she shared to land your first job. These tried and tested interview tips will surely give an upper hand to you from your competitors.

  1. Read up on the company beforehand:

The least that an employer expects from you is to have the basic knowledge about the business and industry. This is a company that you want to work with so it goes without saying that you must know a bit about its mission and vision. Before heading out for the interview, make sure you research a bit not just about what the company does, but also what it stands for and what it believes in. With this information about the company, you will come across as a candidate who is eager to join the organization and is willing to learn about it. Thus, research should be the first task on your pre-interview to-do list.

  1. Introduce yourself in a succinct and confident manner:

‘Tell us about yourself’ is often the first thing that candidates are asked and is also where most of them err. So, it is important to prepare and practice well for this question. In a succinct manner, let the interviewer know who you are, your qualifications, and your hobbies and interests.

  1. Know your strengths:

During the course of your interview, you will definitely be asked what you can bring to the table as an employee. To answer this question, you must thoroughly know the job title you are applying for, your key responsibilities and why you are fit for the job. For every quality that you possess, give the employer a use case that will help you excel at the organization.

  1. Be confident:

When you feel confident, it shows in your posture and in the way you speak. It might be hard to feel confident during your very first interview, but believing in yourself – your preparation and strengths – will definitely get you there.

  1. Always be honest:  

Make sure that everything you mention on your CV is genuine because lying can seriously backfire. Your employer has extensive interviewing experience and can definitely tell when you are trying to lie your way into their good books. Keep it real and only mention your actual strengths and achievements on your resume.

  1. Dress your best:

Your clothes form a big part of the personality you are displaying at your job interview. Nothing puts off an employer more than a shabbily dressed candidate. So, ensure that you a formally dressed and neatly groomed. Dress for the job you want, and you will never go wrong. Additionally, also pay due attention to your hair, nails and body language, which also play a major role in your overall look. You might be dressed in your best suit, but a slouch or dirty nails will definitely cost you several points.

  1. Ask questions:

At the end of the interview, the employer might ask you if you have any questions for them. This is your chance to show them just how observant and inquisitive you are. Ask questions about the company, the workplace culture and your role in the organization. However, make sure you ask your questions politely without coming off as offensive or rude.

  1. Be open to learning:

At times, you may find yourself clueless about a question – and that’s okay! Politely let them know that you do not know the answer. However, do make it a point to ask what the answer was after the interview is done. From the employer’s point of view, this will make you seem open to learning new things. As continuous learning aptitude is an important skill in today’s jobs landscape, this trait will make you seem like a bankable candidate.

  1. Stay calm:

Being nervous before an interview is common, but if you are too anxious, it can start showing in your body language. In order to make a good impression, take a few deep breaths and relax your nerves before entering the room. This will help you calm down and give your best during the interaction.

  1. Post-interview e-mail: 

Your post-interview behavior must be positive, whether or not you are hired. This will help you maintain cordial relations with the HR, in case you return for another attempt in future. Send the employer an e-mail expressing your gratitude, telling them that you are thankful for getting the opportunity.

With these interview tips in mind, you will definitely ace that interview and land the job of your dreams!


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