21st Century Demands Upskilling and Reskilling of Teachers Through E-Learning Offerings

E-learning is becoming essential for each one of us who are looking to improve their career prospects. Here is all you need to know.

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As traditional teacher training courses are now becoming ineffective in fulfilling the need in the current pandemic, e-learning startups have designed innovative programmes and modes of delivery to help teachers upskill the modern-age student and professionals. Online Education is becoming essential for each one of us who are looking to improve their career prospects.


The traditional methods of teacher training programs have failed to upskill the teachers in many ways. Due to the absence of skills and gap in education, teachers are not able to uplift themselves and this is the biggest problem which teachers are mostly facing in India. The issue of upskilling is both complex and multi-dimensional, but due to advancements in technology, teacher learning is becoming smoother and easier.

Here we have listed a few e-learning platforms that are making this task easy for the motivated professionals through various online courses which not only are enhancing their knowledge but are also helping in getting secured jobs:



Suraasa is a teacher growth-focussed ed-tech platform which equips teachers with 21st Century teaching skills, crucial to engage the new generation of ‘Gen Z’ and ‘Gen Alpha’ students. Teachers join Suraasa to earn internationally accredited qualifications with world-class practical pedagogy skills, bag jobs at premium international schools through the same portals, and achieve faster promotions. Suraasa partners with schools as well so as to invite them to hire Suraasa-qualified teachers at zero cost. It is an impact-focused upskilling initiative, addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #4 of Quality Education and its target to increase qualified teachers in developing nations.


Teachmint is India’s largest online teaching platform and one of the fastest growing edtech startups. Teachmint offers a mobile-first video-first experience that enables teachers to create a digital persona of every classroom out there. Teachmint was started to address the big technology-infrastructure gap in teaching and learning. The aim of the startup is to significantly increase teaching efficiency, reduce costs and increase the student base for existing teachers. In addition to existing teachers, Teachmint is supporting new individuals to create teaching businesses from scratch across domains like K-12 tutoring, test prep and extra-curricular learning.



Through a blended - online and offline learning model, Firki, an initiative by Teach For India, focuses on the principles and strategies, which have proven successful in improving teacher competencies in low-resource communities. Through courses, webinars, learning groups, one-on-one mentor support and classroom observation and feedback, Firki helps teachers identify their strengths and leverage them to build an effective practice, leading to improved student outcomes.


TheTeacherApp aims to create digital learning experiences for teachers in India and provide access to these experiences through an android app, such that these experiences are accessible for all audiences freely. TheTeacherApp is a not-for-profit organization aiming to achieve the vision of training teachers at zero cost.