3 AV trends that will shape collaboration in 2022

major AV trends that will improve customer experience.

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The audio-video (AV) industry allowed remote collaboration in covid times, allowing business continuity. Two years of digital transformation was seen in two months, thanks to global events that encouraged rapid technological evolution. As 2022 unfolds and AV solutions continue to advance with new ways of meeting, conferencing, and working, let's focus on major AV trends that will improve customer experience with more dynamic solutions.

Touchless technologies and hyper-automation

The pandemic brought a behavioral change in the habits of people. According to a recent study, 77% of users prefer touchless technology and more than 62% would like to continue using touchless devices even in the post covid scenario. 

We were already using touchless technology in the form of ‘Alexa’ or ‘Google Home’ but the value proposition for industrial touchless devices saw accelerated growth in 2020. These touchless AV solutions will allow users to connect, communicate, and collaborate easily by sharing content and connecting to a virtual meeting via a wireless system. Voice-controlled meeting rooms are deployed across businesses to help users in starting meetings with no touch.


As per Deloitte, 93% of business leaders are expected to deploy Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. Mulesoft survey revealed that organizations globally are planning to implement automation solutions to achieve goals such as - creating a seamless customer experience (93%), enhancing operational efficiency (93%), and increasing workplace productivity (96%). One of the key areas for enterprise automation is arising with the use of virtual assistants present on-site to allow instant customer engagement.

Remote workspaces from 2020-21 will now be ‘Hybrid’

According to Poly’s recent research, 80% of employees prefer to spend some days working from home and in-office. Workers who enjoyed the perks of working from home would like to keep things that way and have no desire for full-time in-office roles. Organizations on the other hand working towards the revival of business are in need of a workforce to pick up the lost economy. 


Hybrid technologies are changing their form, we had just a Skype call before the pandemic and now we have Zoom, Microsoft Team Rooms, Google Meet, etc with more advanced features allowing space for seamless collaboration and communication. Hybrid environments are expected to go beyond that with continuous innovation and development. 

Remote employees, distant customers, healthcare providers, and educational institutions can utilize unified communication solutions to allow remote workers and students to engage with on-premise users without any interruptions. 

Remote infrastructure management and monitoring

Businesses are focussing on reducing the overhead costs associated with maintaining and installing the equipment. Companies having expertise in sectors other than AV cannot have a dedicated team to manage and monitor their AV equipment.

Service providers are offering managed services to deliver advanced technological solutions and enforce remote monitoring systems. Managed services also include maintenance, real-time feedback, and total life cycle management of the products provided. AV experts and technicians leverage their expertise to improve an organization’s productivity by allowing AV systems to run at peak performance. Partnering with a managed service provider is also helpful in a way that it helps in tackling issues and is available 24x7 to keep you online. Businesses will benefit from lowering the running expenses and getting a better maintenance approach, by collaborating with a service provider and talking to AV integration professionals about the AV requirements.

AV technologies are playing a crucial role in creating a modern working environment. Years of digital transformation took place in a span of months, it is now increasingly important to adopt technologies that make collaboration easier for a hybrid workforce and guarantee employee inclusion.


The article is authored by Rohit Singal, VP-Sales & GM India & SAARC, Rahi Systems

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