3 Best APIs for Next-gen Chatbot experience with human touch

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In the last decade Chatbots have revolutionized the way brands communicate with their customers; however the lack of human touch makes the user experience mechanical and at times frustrating – hence, directly impacting brand’s metrics of user satisfaction, engagement, retention and virality. Have you ever wondered how cool it could be if bots had the power to communicate in the same evolved digital lingo of today’s humans using smart and relevant stickers, Movie GIFs, etc.? If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your user’s digital conversational experience but face difficulties dealing with the language-specific and content-specific nuances, Conversational Tech Solutions with simple API-based implementation and innovative content formats will solve all your pain points! They come with the power to uplift and transform your chatbot user experience to be effective, empathetic and communicative – thereby increasing user engagement and retention.

With the explosion of conversations across digital mediums it is slowly becoming pertinent to add a differentiating factor to conversations to make them unique and recall-worthy. Case in point: Automated chatbot solutions which have seen an exponential growth in the last couple of years by offering ease of integration and a plethora of other features. However, conventional chatbot solutions only focus on the automation and intelligence aspects while completely turning a blind eye to the user experience leaving users frustrated and irritated.

The integration of Conversational Tech Solutions in Chatbots is changing the game for a lot of companies. Brands that have integrated rich-media content in their chatbot workflows are already reporting upto 2X increase in user engagement, 30% reduction in customer drop-off rates and truly satisfied customers.


India-based Bobble AI is bridging the gap in traditional conversational AI solutions with its AI-powered Rich-Media Content Recommendation API. Their API-based content recommendation engine provides popular and hyper-contextual media in multiple formats including stickers, GIFs, Movie GIFs to bring automated text conversations at par with human ones. The API returns a list of relevant content based on the user’s detected intent and greatly improves the quality, depth and experience of human-bot conversation.


Personalization is the key to not only great experience but also inherent virality and retention associated with a brand. The chatbot experience can be further enhanced by Sticker and Animated Sticker from Selfie APIs which can be used to provide the same relevant and regional content but with the added flavor of personalization by plugging in the user’s or brand’s Bobble Head as a part of the content itself.


The easiest and simplest way to edge forward in conversations is via the Poptext API which can help create custom text stickers in attractive stylized fonts for an input text. This significantly impacts a conversation by ensuring the exchange remains fresh and no reduction in the text communicated.

Integrating these APIs into any existing workflow is simple and can be easily explored via their public docs available on leading API marketplaces. These APIs are powered by a huge repository of tagged and curated content which can be willed to any demand hereby seamlessly maintaining brand homogeneity and integrating local trends.

Supercharge your user engagement and user experience with these unique and trending APIs while maintaining a distinct and regional flair which is ever so necessary in today’s world.

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