3 Cool Travel Accessories From Amkette For The Long Weekend Getaway

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Listening to the song already makes us feel like traveling- young, wild and free. It’s really difficult to express what one feels while traveling to the favorite destination, with the favorite set of people- be it friends or family- and with the favorite playlist on the iPod or mobile phones. For some, it’s like having a swim in deep sea under a starry sky with purple hue all around. For others, it’s ecstatic, magical, beautiful and all the other adjectives that nearly describe the feelings. But keeping it all aside, what really makes us feel magical or have deeper connect with the music? Getting little technical here, it’s the accessories that we use to listen to music that makes us feel connected.

Gone are those days when people paid no heed to the accessory they used for playing or listening to the music. Now is the time when everybody looks out for some good gadgets be it hands-free, headphones or wireless Bluetooth devices and go through the specifications so that they know what they are investing in for their music. While some of them are ready to pay a big amount, half of us look for pocket-friendly gadgets that can give quality audio within the budget.


image001Nobody loves being wired while traveling and listening to music. Not only the wires keep on disturbing but they create a hassle in everything that we do. So here’s the solution- Amkette’s IGO headphones. Not only are they wireless and hassle-free but also ultra-portable with features like multi-pairing and unique wire stability rings. Offering you a musical experience like never before, they are absolutely light on ears, allowing to effortlessly switch between music and calls with its dedicated controls. The soft ear cushions also allow enjoying music for long hours without compromising on the comfort. These headphones allow you to carry your music in style!


Stereo Speakers

We can’t always live with our headphones and earphones especially when we have our friends or family traveling with us. Besides, we love flaunting our taste in music by making everyone listen to the tracks that we love. It’image003sss a different joy altogether. Riverside camping, born-fire, and non-singers singing. All this can be done with the help of speakers. Amkette recently launched its IGO stereo speakers that can help us with our traveling woes. A Bluetooth-driven portable speaker, it has the capacity to enhance the musical experience irrespective of your location with its features like long battery life, FM radio, USB, aux, micro SD card, NFC and even a LED display. Stylish much, isn’t it?



Pulse Earphones

Trekking is lipulse speakerke a workout in itself. Though it is obviously much more exciting and adventurous but it can’t be done with gadgets/accessories that are not handy. Keeping in mind all the trekkers, gyms, and sports enthusiasts, Amkette came up with its range of Pulse earphones S6 and S8. The ultra-light weight earphones offer precision audio and a flexible grip for a snug and secure fit. The inline controls let you regulate volume and choose the right music at your fingertips. So next time when you plan for a trek, it’s a must have accessory in your bag.


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