4 new features in Chrome OS: All you need to know

Google has launched a new version of Chrome OS with more exciting features to help you. Here are the 4 new features in Chrome OS.

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Since the launch of Chromebooks and Chrome OS, one of the best things that people love about them is that every new version of Chrome OS brings various improvements to help you increase your productivity and at the same time keeping your device safe and fast and hassle-free. Google has launched a new version of Chrome OS that comes with tools to help you organize your workspace, make phone calls and print and share feedback more quickly.


New Virtual Desks will help you organize your workspace

We all at times do not remember the count on the number of windows and tabs that we have opened, which later makes it difficult for us to track them. But with the latest version of Chrome OS, you can now organize your workspace and multitask more easily with Virtual Desks on Chromebook.

So, what are Virtual Desks? Well for the uninitiated, Virtual Desks act as separate workspaces within your Chromebook. Consumers can use this feature to create helpful boundaries between projects or activities. On the other hand, if you’re working on 2-3 projects at the same time, you can dedicate a desk to each one. And if you want to break free of the tasks and want to enjoy browsing or gaming, well, you can create a desk for them too. For students, the virtual desks allow you to create a different desk for each class.


After you have updated your Chrome OS to the latest version, open Overview and then tap on New Desk located in the top right-hand corner of your screen to try out Virtual Desks. Try dragging windows between desks. Google has also added new shortcuts to allow users to take full advantage of Virtual Desks:

You can create a new Desk by pressing “Shift” + “Search ” + “=”

You can switch between Desks by pressing “Search ” + “>”


You can move windows between Desks by pressing “Shift” + “Search ” + “>”


And if you use an Android phone, Chromebooks for them have got even better. You can now right-click a phone number while browsing the web on your Chromebook and send the number to your mobile phone. Here’s is how to set up this feature


To set up click to call, first sign in with your Google account on your Chromebook and phone and make sure the sync is turned on for Chrome browser. With this feature, you can save time by getting on the phone quicker and work across devices more easily.

Print without hassle

With the new updates, you no longer need to install and setup printers. Instead, compatible printers will now automatically be available in your printer list, without the need of a setup. Simply press, Ctrl + P on your keyboard, select your printer and bam, and you’re done. And if you use a specific printer more often, you can now save it as default. Just visit Settings and then head to the Printers section to mark a printer as default.


Share feedback more easily

And to hear your voice for suggestions, with the new update, Google is making it much easier. According to Google, when Chromebook community members share suggestions and thoughts on how to improve the user experience, the team behind Chrome OS reviews the suggestions to determine what to build next.

And to allow you to share the feedback easily, Google has added a feedback button. Simply press and hold the power button for a second, and then aside from the “Lock” and “Power off” buttons, you will also see a dedicated button for feedback.