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4 Open Source Test Management tools

Here are few tools that help you in  manage the test administration, sequencing of the test, reporting of the test result  and much more…

TET (Test Environment Toolkit)

The Test Environment Toolkit (TET) is provided as an open source, unsupported command-line product . It is widely used in many test applications including The Open Group’s UNIX Certification program and the Free Standards Group’s LSB Certification program.


The TETware family of tools are Test Execution Management Systems that takes care of the administration, sequencing, reporting and portability of all of the tests that you develop. Freeing up developers to concentrate on test development and helping testers by providing them with a single, standard, test harness. Enabling you to deliver your software projects on time and across multiple operating systems. They are all available off-the-virtual-shelf. Easily accessed by FTP download. So stop re-inventing the wheel, take the drudge out of test development and use TETware.

Test Manager

Test Manager is an automated software testing application written entirely in the Java programming language. It makes use of component-based techniques in order to manage, facilitate, and automate the testing activities of the software development lifecycle. Click here to discover how to use Test Manager to construct ,execute, benchmark, reconfirm, organise and extend.


RTH is called as “Requirements and Testing Hub” an open source test management tool that you can use as test management tool and can get benefits with  it bug tracking facilities. From here you can download the latest version of RTH.

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