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4DOS 6.01a. Command
interpreter replacement for DOS and Win 95. Auto
filename completion, descriptions for files,
aliases, and a powerful batch language. A very
useful tool for people who need to, at least
sometimes, work in DOS. Price: $69.95.
21-day trial version in April CD-ROM
JP Software. Internet:

Even the most ardent
Windows user has to sometimes get into the dark and
dreary world of DOS. If you hate entering arcane commands
at the unhelpful DOS prompt, and would like to have an
easier way of doing things, 4DOS comes to your rescue.
This is a complete command processor replacement for DOS.
That means, you can use 4DOS as your command prompt
instead of MS DOS or the Windows 95 DOS prompt.

Using 4DOS is easy. Simply
unzip the archive into a folder on your hard disk and run The first time it runs, 4DOS goes through a
well-made text-based install routine. It can make all the
necessary changes to config.sys and autoexec.bat, if you
choose to. It will also add 4DOS shortcuts in Win 95, and
a registry patch that adds the command "4DOS Prompt
Here" for every folder.

Enhancements in 4DOS are
numerous. One of the features you will use quite often is
auto name completion. Just type the first few
letters of a file or folder and press Tab. 4DOS completes
the name automatically. If there are other files/folders
with the same initial letters, you can press Tab
repeatedly to cycle through them. This works for both
short and long filenames. Even if you don’t have Win
95, you can create long descriptions for all files and

4DOS also has a feature
called aliases. These are mnemonics for commonly used
commands that you can save. For example, you can create
an alias d=dir/p/oe, and then use just the command D
to show you directory listings pagewise sorted by
extension. You can create a large list of favorite
aliases and save them in a file that can be loaded each
time you run 4DOS. Batch language is also much more
advanced than DOS.

4DOS is a must have tool
for all those who still like to use DOS for certain
tasks. It is also an important tool for people who need
to use DOS sometimes, but don’t want to learn its
intricacies. 4DOS comes with a full-screen graphical help
system that documents everything very well.

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